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10 Things You Don’t Know About Your Waiter

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Naomi in "Waiting"

Naomi in "Waiting"

10) They smile at you, and laugh with you, but as soon as they turn the corner, they roll their eyes, scowl at you, or laugh AT you.  They do know how to be just as fake as Naomi in the movie “Waiting”.

9) They don’t really care about your life or how your day is going.  Keep your conversation short, they probably can’t wait to get back to the back so they can gossip with co-workers, or get on their cell phones.
Yea Right....

Yea Right....

8 ) They don’t wash their hands as much as you think they would or should; if they wash them at all during a shift.

7) They will let your food sit in the window, then stir it up or adjust it to make it look fresher than it is.

6) Servers do believe in the 5 second rule.  And if it passes 5 seconds, it’s on to the 10 second rule.  Sometimes a longer period of time is game.

5) They will stereotype you and guess what their tip will be, based on your race.  Also if you’re going to leave your number, tip more than 10%. Otherwise you’re for sure not getting a call.

4) They will come to work hungover alot, especially if they are working the breakfast or lunch shifts.

3) If you ordered any type of finger food, i.e.: fries or calamari, they will pick at and eat some of it before it gets to your table.

Birthdays = Annoying

Birthdays = Annoying

2) They hate when you have a birthday at your table, and hate that they have to sing to you.

1) They hate when you ask for a million things or refills, especially when you can’t just ask for it all at once. Or, when THEY ASK if you need anything, you say no, and they come back 2 minutes later and you suddenly need a bunch of stuff, and now they’re busy and have to worry about getting the stuff you could have asked for 2 minutes ago when it was conveinent to them.  If your server asks you if you need anything, take advantage of the opportunity, don’t wait until they can’t.  And never tap or shake your glasses at them, it really annoys them, they’re not you’re slave.

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