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What’s Hot On YouTube: Techno Viking

December 28, 2009 1 comment

 With almost 11 million views, even though this video came out years ago, it is still quite popular.  Have never heard of the Techno Viking before? Then watch this video as a muscular-viking-looking-“I wouldn’t mess with him” guy, reprimands a grown man without saying a single word, for grabbing a lady, then continues to walk the streets of Berlin, dancing to techno music, shirtless.

KNEECAM No.1 – the original Technoviking tape from 2000


What’s Hot On YouTube: JK Wedding Entrance Dance

December 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Here is a new, untraditional way to walk down the aisle at your wedding.  A couple decides to play “Forever” by Chris Brown, in place of the traditional wedding walk song.  The wedding party dances down the aisle, the groom even doing a sommersalt I found it to be entertaining, different, and definately memorable.  Props are given for the stunner shades being worn.

Put up in July of 2009, this video has reached over 36 million hits so far.

At the end, they built up the moment to when the bride was to walk in…I felt in doing so that she should have been a bad ass dancer, blowing everyone away. Instead her entrance was sort of boring and short, but props to her for being different anyways; and kudos to the bride and groom for changing up the traditional way to get married.

What’s hot on Youtube: 5 of the top dancing videos

October 22, 2009 Leave a comment

 There are a lot of dance videos on Youtube that are hot, so to just choose 5 may seem impossible.  Here are 5 of them; included are the amount of views for each video. Keep in mind that the number of views listed here are based on these particular videos that were uploaded alone.

1) Evolution of dance
Inspirational Comedian, Judson Laipply, takes you through the decades with some of the most popular dance moves of their times.

2) OK Go – Here it goes again
So this is more of a music video, but when it was first released on Youtube the “treadmill music video” became a hit. Treadmill choreographed dancing caught the eye of viewers all over, and anytime you type in “top dance videos” on Youtube, you are bound to cross this one. 

3) Soulja Boy – How to Crank That – Instructional Video
Believe it or not Soulja Boy’s instructional video for his famous song “Crank that”, is very popular.  Not only was the song catchy, but so was the choreography, so people everywhere started looking up the dance steps.  If you haven’t “cranked it” at least once, you know you want to try.

4) World of Warcraft: Dancing
Alright, so this video was already featured on Deja Loops in What’s hot on Youtube: 10 of the Top World of Warcraft Videos, but it is one of the most viewed dancing videos on Youtube, so it deserved to be presented again. This video shows the different music videos that Blizzard used as inspiration for the character dances on World Of Warcraft.

5) Evolution of Dance 2
A sequel to his first performance “Evolution of Dance”, Judson Laipply brings you “Evolution of Dance 2” with new songs and new moves.

What’s hot on Youtube: 10 of the Top World of Warcraft Videos

October 6, 2009 2 comments

If you’re a WoW player, or not, but especially if you are one, everyone knows not to pull a “Leeroy Jenkins”.  This video became huge after a player yells out “Leeeeerooooy Jenkins” and storms into a fight too early, ultimately killing all the players.  Video game players started to spoof the happening on their own games such as Halo.  The person behind Leeroy Jenkins even appeared at BlizzCon 2007; and was even used in reference to a question on Jeopardy.  If you go to special features on the movie “Year One”, which just came out, there is a spoof of Leeroy Jenkins that is totally unexpected.

After his parents cancel his WoW account, this kid starts freaking out, and his brother gets it all on video. This kid goes crazy!

Brought to you by Machinima, one of the biggest WoW video makers on the web, they bring you a series of episodes entitled “Dude, Where’s My Mount”.  Here you’ll follow the adventures and shananagins of Dave and Phil as they journey to find their mount.  There appears to be 9 full episodes, and then dozens of spoofs/continuations of Dave and Phil’s “non-adventures” after that.  Here’s the first episode here, it only gets funnier as the epiodes progress.

Based on the  pre=”the “>Muppets sketch entitled “Mahna Mahna”, Oxhorn Brand Movies brings you their ROFLMAO music video.  With all the gaming acronyms included, this video is simple, yet hilarious.  Make sure to check out other stuff that Oxhorn Brand has done, including other music videos, as well as “Mighty Morphin’ Midget Gnomes”.

Probably one of the best commercials for WoW, comes from Machinima once again.  A player uses a Toyota Tundra as his mount…

Every wonder where the creators of WoW got their ideas for the dance moves each race has?  This video shows you where it all came from…

Jonathan Coulton creates some of the most random songs ever.  Although hilariously lyrically written, he actually has a great voice. Here are just a couple of his songs:
A monkey in love with a night elf, and hates his job, but loves fritos and mountain dew….don’t ask, just watch:

The title of the video pretty much says it all.  Jonathan’s tune in this one is quite catchy, and this WoW group makes a music video to it.  Jonathan Coulton is known to appear in a lot of WoW related videos.  This song was even featured in episode 9 of  “Dude, Where’s My Mount”.

So this one may be a little outrageous, but it’s had its popularity and talk abouts throughout servers on WoW.  Getting ready for a raid, a guild leader is telling everyone in the raid what they are going to do, with foul language and poor animation, this video shows the set up, then his reaction to failure.

Of course there are too many WoW commercials to put on here, but there have been some good ones.  A lot of celebrities are often featured in them, including Mr. T, William Shatner, and even Ozzy Osbourne. Here’s a few of them:

What’s hot on Youtube: 5 of the funniest child videos

October 3, 2009 Leave a comment

1)Charlie bit my finger
This video of Harry’s baby brother, Charlie, biting his finger, spread quickly all over the internet, worldwide.  “Charlie, you bit me,” in that British accent, makes it probably tens times funnier then anyone would have ever found it to be.

2)Zombie kid likes turtles
Although a very short video, this one blew up quickly as well. “I like turtles” is probably bound to be said just the way the little boy dressed up as a zombie sounds, everytime someone sees a turtle.

3)David after dentist
Many spoofs, including “David after the divorce”, have come from this one.  This little boy is still drugged out after a trip to the dentist, and freaks out, saying some of the funniest things that soon landed him on talk shows such as the Tyra Banks show.

4)Dark Knight trailer – Little Kid Version
After the release of “The Dark Knight”, a video spoof of the trailer started popping up everywhere of toddlers recreating the scenes.  From makeup to their batman tricycles, you can’t help but to adore this spoof.

5)What would YOU do to a monster
Although not as famous as the above kid videos, this one had its 15 minutes of fame.  A little girl is asked what she would do if she saw a monster, and she explains how she would kick their ass.

What’s hot on YouTube: High Five New York

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Nathaniel Kassel rides his bike through New York, and as people are on the sides of the streets trying to flag down a taxi, Nathaniel rides by and high fives them.  Some people get pissed, some find it funny.  Watch it here: