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Stage 5 Clingers

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment

So you’re going through that dating stage, and whether or you’re looking for a potential relationship, or just a casual dating type thing, there are certain aspects you look for in a person, and certain aspects that turn you away from a person. One such aspect is a Stage 5 Clinger.

Don't be a Stage 5 Clinger

What’s a Stage 5 Clinger you ask? Well, it’s someone, guy or girl, who gets attached and clingy really fast or really bad, sooner than they should at all.  According to Urban Dictionary, a Stage 5 Clinger is “A member of the opposite sex that is likely to become overly attached, overly fast. Virgins, those on the rebound, and the emotionally fragile are more likely to have this term applied to them. Originally from the movie Wedding Crashers.”

 There’s defenses and offenses to getting attached to someone. One might become clingy super fast as an insecurity or maybe they’re just really digging you, but as a security one should never get too clingy too soon, when it’s too soon to determine if there’s potential relationship material there or not.

Getting attached to someone too soon could be dangerous for you yourself, as not even knowing this person that well yet, no matter how much you tell yourself “but we connected right away and so well and I’m really comfortable with them” can be bad.  On the other side of the equation, allowing someone to feel this way about you too soon is dangerous as well.  You can end up hurting them, and as common decency, you don’t want to do that. Plus, if you managed to rope a crazy one, who knows what they could end up doing to your car.

So what are some signs of a Stage 5 Clinger?
For sake of not getting too confused we are going to call the person in question “Clinger” whether it’s determined if they are one or not yet.  This way in looking at the signs, you don’t get confused with who’s being talked about in the mumble jumble of he’s, she’s, the opposite sex, etc.  And, sometimes I will be talking in general on ways to not be a clinger.

1) Jealousy too soon
 So you just met or just started hanging out and let’s say, oh, a week goes by.  You all go out with friends or just each other, and already “Clinger” is playing the jealous card.  Say you’re dancing with friends, and you are dancing with one that is of the opposite sex.  You’re clearly just having a good time dancing, but “Clinger” gets upset at you for dancing with another person of the opposite sex and clearly either states that, or acts jealous and tries to storm out.  Nonchalantly too.  You don’t belong to this person yet.  Not even close, so who are they to start making some claim on you already?  It might be time to reassess the situation of dating this person already. 

Blowing up your phone

2) Blowing up your phone
We all know there is some stupid unwritten rule that has been implanted in our brains whether we decide to follow it or not we think about it, that after first meeting or hanging out with someone that you should wait that dreaded number THREE days before trying to call or text them.  If someone is interested in you, they will call or text you.  Whether it’s the next day, or 2, 3 days, or even more away.  Point is if they are interested and they like you, they will want to see you again.  So, “Clinger” texts you right away from the minute you part.  Okay it might be a kind of cute, “nice hanging out with you tonight” sort of end to the night type thing.  But,  if the next day you wake to a text from them, or they are blowing your phone up all day for the next few days before you were planning on seeing them again, this might be a sign.  If they are constantly asking you what you are doing, as if they have some insecurity that you could be with someone else, you might need to tell them to chill. 

3) Too cutesy too fast
You are getting cutesy messages or comments at what you feel is too fast.  They tell you I wish you were here in bed with me, my bed feels empty, I want to cuddle, I miss you already, etc.    Or, they start calling you cutesy names way too soon when you haven’t even established if you’re dating or not yet.  The baby baby baby, sweetie, darling, sweethearts is too soon, especially if you’re not even comfortable holding the person’s hand in public yet. (If the girl is the “Clinger”, they get a shorter allowed time span, whereas if a guy starts doing this too soon, it’s worse then if a girl does, as they are not usually the ones to start with the cutesy names for awhile).  If you haven’t at any way hinted that you want to talk mushy talk yet but they clearly are talking to you like this, you might have a Stage 5 Clinger on your hands.  And, if they keep calling you the cutesy names and are delusional to the fact you haven’t once said anything remotely like that yet, then they’re getting a little ahead of themselves.

4) They spoil you
It is nice to receive gifts from someone you’re seeing, let’s you know they’re thinking about you, but in discretion.  If you are constantly being bombarded by flowers and whatnot, and again you havn’t established anything past “hanging out” you might want to be cautious.  Say you have only been hanging out with “Clinger” for a little while and there is a holiday coming up such as Christmas, and they get you a gift.  First, again, you havn’t established anything with this person yet, and second, gift giving is usually made between two people that have known each other and been hanging out for a good period of time.  Even more in the safe zone of knowing it’s okay to give someone a gift, is if you know you’ve had a steady little “relationship” going for awhile where you know each other is interested in one another.

5) They give you their itinerary
If “Clinger” feels the need to tell you their daily itinerary, from where they went, what they did, to what they ate, and you didn’t even ask, this could be annoying.  Unless you are in a defined relationship, you should still be on the edge of your seat of what’s okay to randomly text the person you are interested in.  You should still be on your guard, not totally dependent on the idea that you have nothing to worry about.  And, if you do have insecurities about where you are with this person, you definitely do not show it.  Part of people just randomly giving you their itinerary of the day is in hopes that you will respond back with what your itinerary of the day is. 

If only it was this easy to tell

6) They Google you
They look into everything you say. Or they “google” things they know about you based off of your Facebook info.  Hello, it’s called conversation, wait to have it.
>You can have an interest in what someone is interested in, but don’t go into stalker mode.   If you do see their Facebook information, don’t just blurt out the next time you talk to them, “Oh so you like this this this n that….” as if you already know their whole life.  It is okay to out of curiosity maybe google something that someone was talking about that you knew nothing about; for example if the person said Peter Lik’s photography is amazing, you are going to have a natural curiosity to go check out some of his work and see just how amazing it really is.  However, if you suddenly start finding out the life history of Peter Lik, buying copies of his work, or looking for art shows with him to try and impress the other person, that is a little much.  It’s okay to be like “I looked up Peter Lik’s stuff and I really liked the Sunlit Birches photo”.  Again, taking an interest in the other person’s interests is OKAY, but going home and doing your homework on a person’s interest is not okay.  And, it becomes clear when “Clinger” is doing this, as they will make it obvious in their conversation with you.

7) A one night stand gone wrong
You meet someone, you hook up, and you really planned that it would just be a one night stand.   Well the person seems to not have grasped this concept although you may have made it obvious, and constantly is blowing up your phone.  Then, after awhile of not answering them, they start to get angry, and send you angry messages saying you’re a dick, a bitch, you know, things along those lines.  Don’t even try and “tap” that again, just run.  This is clearly not someone you would want to try and date if they are so quick to over react.  If you did decide to give this person another chance, they would probably just turn into a Stage 5 Clinger. 

8 ) They’re in your driveway
So, you decide not to hang out with “Clinger” one night, and you’re out, and you start getting weird messages from “Clinger”.  They’re asking what you’re doing, where are you, then you get the wierd messages: “Why aren’t you at home?  You said  you were going to stay home tonight.  I don’t see your car at home. I’m in your driveway.”  Your situation just went from “maybe they’re just getting attached too fast” to “okay, they’re crazy”.  You’ve got a major Stage 5 on your hands and need to cut off all ties while you can. 

What to do if you do have a Stage 5 Clinger:
9) Run Away
Either you can totally just drop the person if it’s become too much. Especially if it reaches the creepy level.  But if you have discovered the person is a TRUE Stage 5 Clinger, you have to cut them loose.  Try and do it in the most decent way you know how, and if they’re so clingy that that doesn’t work, you may just want to change your number despite the fact you have stopped responding to them for awhile now.

10) Work on it
If you do actually like the person but you feel they’re getting clingy too fast, and you need some more space then you’re getting, then just communicate that with them.   Don’t be quick to just drop them without communicating to them first how you feel.  Unless they show absolute signs of crazy, it might be something you could work out.  Some people come from other relationships and are used to one lifestyle of being with someone and may not even know they are being clingy because it was something they got used to with the last person.  Some people might not be sure how you operate and are just going with what they think they should with you.  Either way, if you liked the person before you decided to label them a clinger, try talking to them about it first.  If things don’t get any better after that, well at least you tried.

Look, sometimes you can’t tell if someone  is a Stage 5 Clinger until it’s too late.  You can try and use the signs above to help you figure it out, but when it comes down to it, you’re just going to have to use your better judgement.  And, everyone is different and works in their own ways.  Don’t be quick to label a person a Stage 5 Clinger, and just be done with it, because you could misjudge someone and miss out on a great opportunity.  It’s okay to have some sort of attachment to each other, but it’s up to you to determine how much is too soon, and how soon too soon is.  Always have your guard up and be cautious of the people you are dating.


San Diegans: 10 things you may not know about your bay

October 13, 2009 Leave a comment
Hotel del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado

There is so much history behind the San Diego Bay, and so many interesting facts about everything from the architecture to wildlife to the dirt that created the islands.  And, it’s surprising how some people who have lived in San Diego for a while, or even their whole life, don’t know some of these random facts about the bay, which was part of the birth of San Diego.  Here are 10 things you may or may not know about the beautiful San Diego bay.

10) Coronado Island – Coronado Island was first discovered by Spanish explorer Sebastian Vizcaino in the early 17th century.  However he did not settle here and for almost 200 years the peninsula remained bare.  It wasn’t until 1821 that land grants were issued after whalers had used the island to carry out their work and so had set up hide houses.  In 1977 Hotel del Coronado was opened and became a historic landmark.  Besides rumored to be haunted, the beach off of here is one of the best in San Diego.  If you drive through some of the residential areas you will also find somewhat hidden little spots that take you right to the water and open up to a beautiful view of Downtown San Diego and the bay.

9) Shelter Island – Shelter Island used to be identified on the map as a shoal, or mudbuck.  In the 1930’s a dredging project began, raising Shelter Island 14 feet above low water, and 7 feet above high tide.  A causeway (Shelter Island Drive), was created, connecting the island and mainland together.  America’s Cup Harbor is located to the east side of this island. 

8 ) Harbor Island – In 1961, the U.S. Navy had the main channel of San Diego Bay dredged to deepen the berths for military ships.  Over 12 million cubic yards of sand and mud was used to create this mile and a half long island.  Harbor Island also holds some of the nicest hotels with beautiful views.

7) Ballast Point – Many of the stones on Ballast Point are from ports all around the world.  Skippers would either collect or unload stones for their ballast on their ships, and over time a collection from around the world was gathered.  Many New England streets are lined with stones from Ballast Point. 
-During the whaling period, a whale-rendering plant was built on Ballast Point.
-Today Ballast Point is part of SD Naval Submarine Base, and  a U.S. Coast Guard facility is also located on the island.

Naval Submarine Station

Naval Submarine Station

6) Naval Submarine Station – Located off of Ballast Point, the sub station always catches the attention of passer-byers.  You are usually lucky enough to catch a sub or more sitting in the water.  You have to pass one on the water to really appreciate its size and structure.  The two large walls you will notice with a huge U.S. flag on the side is where they repair the submarines. If you are lucky enough you may see one being worked on.  The walls drop when a submarine needs to be loaded onto the platform, then raised back up for repairs.  This Naval Submarine base was used in the movie “Red October”.  After the attacks of September 11th, the barriers that look like huge black sausage links, were added so that any enemy vessel could not sneak attack from under water.

5) San Diego Bay Wildlife
a) Sea Turtles – The Green Sea Turtles are not believed to have originally resided in San Diego bay.  The story goes that Captain Bogart arrived in San Diego with sea turtles he had captured in Mexico. The sea turtles were kept in pens on the shores of Point Loma with the intention of starting a turtle meat business up.  After some storms that year, about 100 of the sea turtles broke away.  These escapee’s are believed to be the ancestors to the small group of about 30 to 60 sea turtles that live in the bay now.  It’s believed that the sea turtles first spotted in San Diego in the 1850’s migrated from Mexico.  Either way the Eastern Pacific green sea turtle is considered endangered throughout its range.
b) Giant Pacific Seahorse – the seahorse that resides in the San Diego Bay is one of the largest in the world, reaching a length of up to 12 inches.  They can be found all the way to Peru.  They are in constant risk from overfishing and habitat destruction.  Currently, they are listed as “vulnerable” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
c) California Sea Lion – All over the bay on buoys or swimming around you’ll notice the California Sea Lion.  Their favorite spot to hangout however are the bait docks owned and operated by Everingham Bros. Bait Co. since 1951.  Shore birds and sea lions hang out around the docks hoping to get a free meal.  The bait docks are always covered with these animals, and is the best place to get a look at them up close. 

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

d) Brown Pelican – Adult brown pelicans are a large dark gray-brown water bird with a white head and neck, and their wingspan ranges from, 6 to over 8 feet long.  Watching one of these birds or even better- a flock, take flight, is a beautiful sight.  They are listed as endangered and their population was almost decimated twice in the U.S. by pesticides such as DDT and related compounds.  The DDT would weaken egg shells, so when mothers went to incubate their eggs, they would end up crushing them.  Reproducing young became difficult and almost killed the species.  Populations are still vulnerable to chemical and pesticide pollution today. 
e) Of course there are hundreds of other species that also reside in the bay as well.

4) The Gray Whale – Every year between December and April, the gray whale graces San Diego with its presence as it makes its migration to and from their breeding grounds in the Baja lagoons of Mexico.  Before near extinction and industry expansion, the whales used to swim right into the bay as part of their route.  After whaling nearly killed their species twice, and after pollution from the growing city affected the water, they moved their route out a little  further from shore.  It’s not uncommon during whale watching season to catch a juvenile playing in the kelp beds in the bay.  In fact earlier this year one found the bay to be a comfortable place to stay for a few days.  Biologists almost had to try and chase it out to sea because the precaution levels within the bay started to become inconvenient for ships.  Whale watching is one of the biggest tourist attractions in San Diego every year.

3) Lindbergh Field – The San Diego International Airport is the 30th busiest airport in the country as far as passengers goes, but the busiest single runway commercial airport in the nation.  There are an average of 600 departures and arrivals a day!  Before becoming a runway, it was a mud flat that was often covered by water during high tide.  After funds in 1927, the bay north of B Street Pier was deepened.  The dredged material was used to cover 142 acres of tidelands.  This became Lindbergh Field.

Tom Ham's Lighthouse & Restaurant

Tom Ham's Lighthouse & Restaurant

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse Restaurant– On the west end of Harbor Island you’ll come across Tom Ham’s Lighthouse and Restaurant.  Why is it both?  Well Tom Ham wanted to make a restaurant but the Coast Guard wanted a lighthouse.  They came to a compromise and made it both.  Beacon #9 is a fully functioning lighthouse, and is one of two sanctioned by the Coast Guard on the bay.
Point Loma Lighthouses – Atop the hill/cliff at the point of Point Loma, there is a lighthouse.  However this one is not used anymore.  This lighthouse was too high up to do any good for ships coming into the bay during especially foggy nights.  So, the lighthouse now found at the bottom of the cliff at the very tip of Point Loma, was built, and the lens from the original Point Loma lighthouse, was actually used for this newer one.

1) John Wayne Jetty – The jetty on the East side channel, meant to reshape the bay entrance, is named after John Wayne himself.  Why?  John Wayne took his boat out to sea, and one night upon coming back from a fishing trip to Mexico, did not realize that the high tide was covering the jetty, and he rode his ship aground on it.  But if that wasn’t enough to earn the title, upon another trip back from sea, he crashed into the jetty upon high tide yet again, in nearly the  same spot.  So after two times of doing this, they felt is necessary to name the jetty after him. (The rock jetty is actually called the Zuniga Jetty).


Any references used include The Birch Aquarium 2008-2009 Whale Watching Program Training Handbook

What’s hot on Youtube: 10 of the Top World of Warcraft Videos

October 6, 2009 2 comments

If you’re a WoW player, or not, but especially if you are one, everyone knows not to pull a “Leeroy Jenkins”.  This video became huge after a player yells out “Leeeeerooooy Jenkins” and storms into a fight too early, ultimately killing all the players.  Video game players started to spoof the happening on their own games such as Halo.  The person behind Leeroy Jenkins even appeared at BlizzCon 2007; and was even used in reference to a question on Jeopardy.  If you go to special features on the movie “Year One”, which just came out, there is a spoof of Leeroy Jenkins that is totally unexpected.

After his parents cancel his WoW account, this kid starts freaking out, and his brother gets it all on video. This kid goes crazy!

Brought to you by Machinima, one of the biggest WoW video makers on the web, they bring you a series of episodes entitled “Dude, Where’s My Mount”.  Here you’ll follow the adventures and shananagins of Dave and Phil as they journey to find their mount.  There appears to be 9 full episodes, and then dozens of spoofs/continuations of Dave and Phil’s “non-adventures” after that.  Here’s the first episode here, it only gets funnier as the epiodes progress.

Based on the  pre=”the “>Muppets sketch entitled “Mahna Mahna”, Oxhorn Brand Movies brings you their ROFLMAO music video.  With all the gaming acronyms included, this video is simple, yet hilarious.  Make sure to check out other stuff that Oxhorn Brand has done, including other music videos, as well as “Mighty Morphin’ Midget Gnomes”.

Probably one of the best commercials for WoW, comes from Machinima once again.  A player uses a Toyota Tundra as his mount…

Every wonder where the creators of WoW got their ideas for the dance moves each race has?  This video shows you where it all came from…

Jonathan Coulton creates some of the most random songs ever.  Although hilariously lyrically written, he actually has a great voice. Here are just a couple of his songs:
A monkey in love with a night elf, and hates his job, but loves fritos and mountain dew….don’t ask, just watch:

The title of the video pretty much says it all.  Jonathan’s tune in this one is quite catchy, and this WoW group makes a music video to it.  Jonathan Coulton is known to appear in a lot of WoW related videos.  This song was even featured in episode 9 of  “Dude, Where’s My Mount”.

So this one may be a little outrageous, but it’s had its popularity and talk abouts throughout servers on WoW.  Getting ready for a raid, a guild leader is telling everyone in the raid what they are going to do, with foul language and poor animation, this video shows the set up, then his reaction to failure.

Of course there are too many WoW commercials to put on here, but there have been some good ones.  A lot of celebrities are often featured in them, including Mr. T, William Shatner, and even Ozzy Osbourne. Here’s a few of them:

10 Creative Shopping Bags

October 2, 2009 Leave a comment


Man's Chest & Abs

Man's Chest & Abs


Nail Biters

Nail Biters

8 )

Ringing an old man's neck

Ringing an old man's neck


A woman's body

A woman's body


Lifting Weights - Fitness Bag

Lifting Weights - Fitness Bag


Holding a gun

Holding a gun


Erotic Shopping - Holding private parts

Erotic Shopping - Holding private parts


A guy's "package"

A guy's "package"


Pulling hair

Pulling hair


Carrying a rack of cola

Carrying a rack of cola

10 Annoying Things Not To Do At The Gym

October 2, 2009 Leave a comment
Gym Fashion Don'ts

Gym Fashion Don'ts

1) The gym is not a fashion show
-Ladies, don’t put on pounds of makeup, or tons of jewlery – you’re there to workout, not look like you’re ready to go out to the bars.  Besides when you sweat, if you manage to break a sweat, your makeup’s going to run. 
-You don’t need to wear your hooped earings, or dozens of jingling bracelets; you don’t need you’re hair in anything other than a pony-tail, refrain from styling your hair before hand, it doesn’t need to look perfect.
-Now if you’re coming straight from work or somewhere else, okay that’s understandable; but don’t glam-up just for the gym!

2) Don’t wear impractical clothing
-Jeans are usually not allowed at most gyms anyways, and they can’t be very comfortable to work out in to begin with.
-Ladies, you’re at the gym, please refrain from showing up with your sweat pants or shorts that have words written across your butt; see  10 Fashion Don’ts .  You also don’t need to wear the skimpiest clothes ever; some of you guys out might be say oh, please do, but a gym is a place of workout, not a hookup spot like a bar.
-Guys, don’t wear too loose of clothing that your junk is hanging out and exposed. 
-And what’s with ladies that wear thongs to the gym?

3) Loud noises
-Don’t talk on your phone while working out, or if you have to, don’t be so loud and giggly. No one cares about your conversation. 
-If others can hear the music from your headphones, it’s too loud. And please don’t start singing out loud either.
-Grunting really loud – usually guys. Does this really help, or are you trying to draw attention to yourself so people can see how much you are lifting?  It is supposed to give you 75% more effort or energy in what you’re doing, but ifyou’re doing it just to show off please don’t; or at least don’t over-do it.

Gym Don'ts

Leave the cell phones & pick up lines at home

4) Don’t go to a gym with the intention of picking up on someone. 
-Don’t stare at them while they are working out, it is annoying, they came to workout, not have to worry about someone stare at them while they do it.
-Men, they’re boobs, they’re going to move around no matter how many sports bras are or shirts are put on; DON’T STARE.
-Women, don’t ask a guy to spot you when you really don’t need them to; it’s pathethic.

5) Don’t use a machine and half ass it when someone else really wants to use it

6) Give people their space.  If there’s 9 of 10 ellipticals open, don’t take the one right next to someone, space yourself out, so they don’t get all self-conscious.

7) Don’t be a hog
-Don’t hog machines: if you only go to the gym to run the treadmill because “you’re a girl” and heaven forbid you could ever lift a weight, then save your money and go run around your block.  If there’s not many machines at the gym you’re at, be curtious and let someone else hop on for awhile.
-Don’t hog weights, and make sure to put them away when you are done.

8 ) Don’t stand in front of the mirror forever; you can only stare at yourself for so long.  You’re not going to see your muscles grow in front of you.

9) Bring a towel and wipe machines when you’re done with them (come on, ever see that episode of Seinfield?”

10) Make sure you wear deoderant.  You may be going to the gym and are going to sweat anyways, but you can still sweat without smelling so strongly of B.O.

10 Essentials For A Girl’s Purse When She Goes Out

September 28, 2009 1 comment
Inside a girls purse

Inside a girl's purse

10) Gum
– Even if you have a little purse, and don’t want to carry a whole pack in your purse, throw a few pieces in.  Gum is always a good thing to have on you; you don’t want smelly breath after eating, and you want to taste fresh if you’re going to be kissing someone.  Plus people always ask for gum, and it could be a silly, but a way nonetheless, to start a conversation with a guy.  Also whether you’ve been drinking all night or not, and you spend the night somewhere other than your own place, if you don’t have a toothbrush on you, gum is always good to have for that morning breath, until you can brush your teeth.

9) Money
–  This should be a given, you always want to make sure you have some cash or a card on you.  Cash especially, because it’s an easier way to keep track of your money, as to avoid overdraft fees if you’re using your debit card. Plus you never know if there’s going to be a fee to get into a bar or club, and most of the time they only take cash.

8 ) ID
–  This should be another given.  If you’re going out, you’re going to need your ID.  Always double check and make sure you have it before you leave the house.  You don’t want to be the friend that when you all finally get down to the bars, forgot her ID, and now you have to go back and get it, or if you drove with them, someone else has to leave and go with you too.

7) Sunglasses
–  Why would I put sunglasses on here?  No, it’s not so you can play the whole “I wear my sunglasses at night…” bit, although sometimes it makes for fun photo opportunities…But the reason is, is so that when you wake up the next day at someone else’s place, and your eye makeup is everywhere, you can only do so much damage control, just throw on those shades and you’re good to go…well, better than before.

6) Lipgloss/Lipstick
– It’s always good to have lipstick, lip gloss, chapstick, something in your purse.  You know every time you get a drink that whatever is on your lips, is going to be rubbing off; therefore, it is going to keep requiring application.

5) Compact, etc.
–  Sometimes when you’re dancing, or just are having a long or crazy night, your makeup tends to rub or need touching up.  Bring your compact with you, whether it’s a powder, foundation, or blush compact, which ever you prefer, bring it.  I always like to bring my blush one, to make sure I’ve got some color in my face.  And, of course, it’s always good for maintaining damage control in the morning.  Most compacts also have mirrors on them, which is handy.
– If you’re one of those girls that always has to be wearing eye liner, make sure you throw that in your purse as well; that little stick won’t take up much room.

4) Camera
–  You never know when there’s going to be a photo opportunity, then again there always is one when you’re out with your friends.  And, if you’re out with a group of girls, girls always like to take a million photos.  Of course you all have to capture not only the fun times, but how good you look; you need to find that new Facebook default picture.  Besides, sometimes you need a way to recollect the happenings of that night.

3) Phone
–  Most people automatically have their phone on them anyways, but sometimes girls don’t like to bother with bringing their phone.  It may be nice to get away from the phone for a little while, as long as you’re with everyone you’re supposed to be with, but sometimes a phone is necessary.  If you somehow get separated from the group, which happens, you need your phone to find them.  Or, if you’re not having a good time, or you need your phone as a decoy, you can play with your phone, text someone how you’re having a lame time, or pretend like you are texting someone so as to maybe avoid conversation with someone you don’t really want to be talking with, or from that random stranger that comes up to you.  Then if there is that random stranger that you think is cute or are interested in, well now you can exchange numbers.  It’s the 21st century, hardly anyone writes their number down on a piece of paper anymore, they just enter it away in their phone.

2)  Spray
– You get hot and sweaty at those crowded bars or clubs, whether it’s because you’ve been dancing your ass off or the place is just too stuffy.  You don’t want to stink; girls like smelling good.  Even when girls go to take their yearbook photo in high school, they for some reason spray perfume or body spray before hand. It’s not like people can smell you in the picture, but we do it anyways.   Sometimes guys use it as a way to talk to you too.  You know a guy does not really care what the name of your perfume is, it goes completely over their head, but they’ll ask you anyways, tell you you smell good, and bam, they’ve managed to find a way to talk to you.

1) Teasing Comb
– Alright, so I know many girls don’t even think to use a teasing comb in the first place on a day-to-day basis, but ladies, the teasing comb is an under-praised object.  First, volume in hair is usually a good thing.  When you go out and you’re dancing, or you know your hair is going to fall from its beginning-of-the night style, the teasing comb can save you.  Even if you’re all sweaty.  When your hair looks like a hot mess, pull out that teasing comb, whether your hair is styled straight, curly, whatever, and go to it.  Make sure you get the top layers of your hair for sure.  The teasing comb can help add not only volume, but put some character back into your hair.  If you have room for a travel size can of hair spray, throw that in your purse too, it can help save your hair, or prevent it from getting to this place a little longer.  If all else fails, make sure you have a hair tie with you always ; might be your last hope.

10 Post-Breakup Remedies

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

1) Let It Out
    -Go ahead, vent, whine, rant and cry or yell to your friends, express your feelings.  Getting it all out right away is the first step to moving on. Wallow then move on.  Don’t let it build inside because then you’ll just fester over it longer. 

2) Friends & Getting Out
      -Go out with your friends, have a good time, dance, sing, laugh, whatever, just make sure you’re having a good time.  Trust me when you can laugh with your friends, he won’t even cross your mind.
      -Go ahead and go to the bars or clubs with your friends.  Don’t play the rebound card, but go ahead and flirt with new guys, let them buy you drinks, even jump on the dancefloor if you want to.  An ego boost never hurts.
      -Take a roadtrip.  There’s so much to explore, you won’t have time to think about “him”.  Getting away to a new town always helps from feeling suffocated too.

3) Change your hair:
      a)Get a hair cut.
      b)Change your hair color. Dye it. Highlight it. Whatever.
      -Neither of these  have to be a drastic change, or they can be.  Either way you have something you need to go home and play with now, and figure out how you’re going to style it.  They’re good time consumers, and time consumption means distractions from thinking about “him”.  Plus when your new hair style is all done and looking hot, you’ll be happy with the way you look, and in a better mood.  For women, if they think they look good, they feel good.  And this could be just the confidence booster you need to get out, have fun, maybe meet someone new, and realize you’re better than “him” anyways.

Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy

4) Retail Therapy
      -If you got the cash, go indulge yourself in some retail therapy.  Get a cute or hot new outfit that you know you’ll look good in.  Next step: flaunt it.  Take your new hair, your new outfit, and go show it off to the world.  New clothes, new shoes, and new accessories always makes a girl feel better. It’s just in our nature.  If you don’t have the extra cash, well if you can do cheap, there’s always those random asian clothing stores that have random cute things for cheap, or stores like Forever 21. Go ahead and spend a little, you deserve it.

5) Beauty
     a) Nails – Get your nails done whether it’s a mani- or a peti-, cleaned up, painted nails, or acrylics/white tips… the girlier you feel, the better you feel.  Again, feeling pretty doesn’t hurt in the process to getting over a guy.  Plus you can bring a friend along to do some trash talking and gossiping;  it is a good stress reliever as your sitting in those chairs wondering what the heck your nail lady is saying about you in her language. 

Change your hair & makeup

Change your hair & makeup

     b) Makeup – Whenever a girl gets new makeup she is always eager to not just play with it, but go out with it.  Get a new mascara that gives you fuller, longer lashes. Go ahead and get that $7 tube of mascara instead of your usual $3 tube.  You’ll feel more flirty.  Don’t be afraid to try a new color of eyeshadow. Are you used to wearing that more natural look? Get crazy and throw on that purple or black, whatever shade that is different from your usual style.  If you feel more comfortable with the natural look that’s fine too, it’s just as attractive.  Maybe just try a new earth tone color.  And of course every girl loves a good lipstick or lip gloss.  Be a little flirty or seductive.  Point is to feel sexy.
     c) Spa & Massages – Of course there is always just relaxing.  Go to a spa, get a nice facial or massage.  Let someone else take care of you.  Going to a spa and/or getting a massage is a great stress reliever.

6) Clean
     – Believe it or not, cleaning can be fun.  Turn some music on, and get out that Windex.  Clean your desk, car, bedroom, or any other room in the house, and you’ll find not only is cleaning therapeutic, it’s productive.  The external act of cleaning allows for an internal cleansing as well.  Plus then you have a clean office, home, and car; something that probably needed to be done anyways. 

7) Write It Out
      – So this should go along with venting to your friends, but sometimes a girl just needs to get out all her feelings to herself.  There’s always something you’d rather not whine about to your friends.  So write it in a journal – paper or online.  If you’re feeling artsy, use it as inspiration to write a new song, or a poem.  Turn your feelings into creative venues. 

 Then of course there are all the things listed and explained in Get That Guy Off Your Mind :
8 ) Work
      – Spending time at work, and working your butt off not only distracts you from thinking about the guy and the breakup, but it’s a good way to make more money, which doesn’t hurt if you need to do some of the suggestions listed above.

9) School
     – Catch up on your schoolwork, or get ahead.  Study, go to your classes, focus.  You’ll do better in school, and your mind will be on other things.
Work out

Work out

10) Fitness
      – Working out is not only a good stress reliever and another distraction from thinking about “him”, it’s healthy for you.  Getting in shape never hurts.  Get to the gym, work out at home, run on the beach  or around the block.  Play a sport, go hiking,  it doesn’t matter what you choose, any sort of physical activity is a good remedy.  Besides when working out has paid off, you’ll feel good about yourself and have more of a confidence boost.