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Photo Of The Week: The Tipping Point…

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment
On a recent visit to the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, many climate change awareness displays were set up along one side of the museum, with sayings that easily caught attention. 
“We see a tipping point occurring right before our eyes.  The Arctic is the first tipping point and it’s occurring exactly the way we said it would.”
Quote from James Hansen, Scientist

The quote for this particular display was taken from Scientist James Hansen, in regards to the Arctic being the first tipping point of many to come due  to climate change.

Climate change is real, make sure you are aware of it.


Photo of the week: Google Logos – Sesame Street and Wallace & Gromit

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Google Logo Of The Day: Sesame Street and Wallace & Gromit

You may have first noticed this week when you went to “google” something that the logo for the search engine was Big Bird’s legs.  Today you will notice the Cookie Monster featured in the Google logo.  This week in North America, these logos represent the 40th anniversary of the children’s television show “Sesame Street”.  At the same time Google’s British counterpart celebrates the 20th birthday of “Wallace & Gromit”. 


Photo of the week: The Beauty of Fall Being Here

October 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Besides the styles of fall fashion being here to adorn a woman’s closet, Mother Nature has her own Fall fashion to adorn the world…


Gatineau Park
lokidude99, flickr

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Photo of the week: “Jennifer will you marry me…J/K”

September 30, 2009 Leave a comment

This random photo seems to be popping up on multiple online communities. A series of signs are set up along a highway asking  a girl, Jennifer, to marry said guy, then said guy saying he’s actually breaking up with her… Is it a joke, or a humiliating breakup? Either way it’s grabbed the attention of many people…


‘According to the Telegraph, “Locals are divided over whether the signs are a joke or a love rat’s very public humiliation of Jennifer.”’

Spotted by the side of Barrenjoey Road in Bigola, NSW, Australia.

Photo of the week: Green Lynx Spider – Peucetia viridans

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Today’s photo of the week is of the Green Lynx Spider, Peucetia viridans.  I’m not much of one for spiders, but I found this one rather interesting.  It has vibrant colors of green and yellow, and has huge fangs. Its legs are transparent, spotted, and thorny.  I have never seen a spider quite like this before and actually found it beautifully accented to its environment.  To my surprise they can be found in Fullerton, CA, in your everyday home gardens. 


These particular photos were taken by Jacob Hastings Lloyd Davies.
He was able to capture the detail, which you can see more clearly below.

Photos by Jacob Hastings Lloyd Davies