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The Edison – Downtown Los Angeles, CA

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The Edison

The Edison

Out of the chaos of bars and clubs in downtown LA, with an entrance hidden in an alley, at 108 W. 2nd Street, you come across The Edison.  From the outside you half expect to step into some run down club but as soon as you get inside you realize it’s the furthest thing from it. 

There is much interesting history behind The Edison that adds to the design and atmosphere of the bar.  The Edison was LA’s first private power plant and retains many of its architectural andmechanical artifacts.  That means you’ll find artifacts such as power plant generators blended in with the brassy colored decor.  This bar has many rooms, some of which you may not even get to see.

First there is “The Generator Lounge” available for a private party (one of the rooms you’ll be lucky to see), then you’ll find the Music Room that is a little more secluded from the main bar, as it has its own little bar and even has a little balcony you can climb up to and chill.  The Ember Parlour is not so hidden from the main bar, in fact you might feel like you’re part of the line to get a drink, just sitting there.  The Tesla Lounge is for a private dinner party, as it is obvious with the long dining table and huge comfortable couch.  The Game Room, accommodating to parties of up to 20, is equipped with a pool table.

The Main Bar

The Main Bar

Now moving on to the not so private rooms that you’d be more interested in… The Main Bar is a huge rectangular shape with plenty of comfortably cushioned bar stoolsall around it, if you can manage to snag one.  The bartender’s attire reflects that of a bar during Hollywood’s Golden Age.  With a nice variety of liqueurs, and a selection of beers andwine, although you can find something you’ll like, it can get a bit pricey.  For a vodka-Redbull, it cost $11. 

Continuing on to the most fun room for all you not spending god knows how much money on a private room…The Lab.  Here is where you’ll find your dance floor and stage.  There is another bar over here too so you don’t have to walk all the way back to the Main Bar; convenient.  Against the walls are couches deep enough for two people to fall asleep on, it’s like sitting on a bed.  So much so that when I sat all the way back, my feet practically touched the endof the couch.  You’ll find other couches, booths, and table scattered throughout the room too. 

The Washbin

The Wash Bin

Even the restroom area is interesting.  Before you even enter either men’s or women’s restroom, in the middle of the two entrances there is a circular wash bin.  The floors are marble tiled and the walls are mirrored, and lined with artwork.  The inside of the restrooms, although a little dim on lighting, are nicely decorated as well.

The most unique thing, besides the generator/power plant decor, that I foundabout this place, was the Absinthe Fairy.  Walking around with a cart is a woman dressed up like a fairy in green and glitter, wings and all.  Within the ironclad cart are interesting looking vials.  Most of them were circular vials, where you could choose a small shot equivalent vial of absinthe, or a larger-than-a-softball vial of absinthe.  There are also these tree branch looking holders with vase-like vials of absinthe in them.  The Absinthe Fairy and her cart was the last thing I expected to see at this bar.

To get in you have to be somewhat dressed up.  For girls that means a dress or skirt outfit (no jean skirts). You may be able to get away with a nice blouse and jeans ordeal too; but you’re going to feel under-dressed and dumb.  Guys, you have to wear dress shoes; no sneakers, converse, all black Vans, etc.  If you’re going to wear jeans guys they better be nice ones up to par with Rockin Republics.  No t-shirts either gentleman – dress shirts, button ups, maybe polos. 

The Generator Lounge

The Generator Lounge

The age range here, because of the history of the place, is mainly from “barely legal to drink” to “Oh, you could be my dad”. You’ll find occasional grandpas there too trying to pull Hugh Hefners.  Most of the time the different groups seem to cluster with their own age range though. 

 So if you’re looking for a more upscale or different kind of  place to go to one night, or want to impress a date, I highly recommend The Edison.  You have to visit it at least once and experience the atmosphere.

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