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The Public House, La Jolla Celebrates 4 Years!

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Are you a beer lover? A burger lover?

Well The Public House, La Jolla, more than meets those expectations!

This hidden gem is located in Downtown La Jolla, in San Diego, in a remodeled historic house from 1904, making it quite charming.

With a rotating 35+ beers on tap, and an ever growing bottle list of around 400 beers, this spot is a craft beer lover’s dream!  Can’t afford a trip to Belgium?  You can take a tour of it through the pages of Belgian beers they have available!  From a world scale, to a local scale, The Public House has you covered!   They are even sister to local brewery, Acoustic Ales Brewing Experiment!

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Their burgers will leave you wanting more, and at the same time, not wanting more:  Burgers are stacked with toppings atop a half pound patty, that will leave your stomachs so full.  And there is a variety of delicious styles to try, that you couldn’t possibly try all in one sitting.  From spicy to simple, from top grade Angus Beef to exotic meats you’ve never even thought of trying in a burger before!  Example?  Aside from Bison, Lamb, and New Zealand Kobe being on the regular menu, they will surprise you with special burgers such as Elk, Venison, Rabbit, Alligator, Camel, Kangaroo, and more!!!   Definitely for those with an adventurous palate!!  Tuesdays are a great time to try their burgers too, with a 2 for 1 Happy Hour on select burgers.  Or, try one of their many appetizers at half off on Wednesday through Friday from 3-6pm!

At the end of this month, The Public House will be celebrating it’s 4 year anniversary, from January 29th-February 1st.   They will be tapping some pretty cool stuff including Goose Island’s “Bourbon County Stout” & “Bourbon County Barley Wine”.

We will keep you updated, for more to come!!

So stop in for the fun: where great people, great food, and great BEER exist!!!

The Public House, La Jolla.
“Locally World Famous Burgers & Ales”

This Bar & Grill is located in the heart of Historic La Jolla Village at 830 Kline Street, La Jolla, Ca 92037, between Fay & Eads Ave.   430267_385355221476574_1746041378_n1920607_769946976350728_2104018533_n1536456_749868471691912_384156470_n


Symbolic Concierge

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symbolic logo 3 black

Ever dreamt about living a luxurious life? From exotic cars to private jets and beautiful get aways? You might not have the time or means to make it a lifestyle but how about for a weekend or even just a day? At Symbolic Concierge you can do just that. Or, want to find the perfect way to purpose to your girlfriend? They have a great package for that, as well as packages from birthdays to bachelor parties, to anniversaries. From personal experience, I took a day to see what this company is all about and found myself aboard a beautiful mega yacht and then after being a-cruise for a couple hours, flying over beautiful San Diego on a private helicopter that took off from this yacht. Seeing the Pacific sunset in this setting was one of the best moment of my simple life. The customer service is exquisite as well. If you want to learn more or see the wide array of services and vehicles this place offers, go to .
Here is a jist of what they are about:
And make sure to check out the video below

Symbolic Concierge
Full Service Elite Luxury Concierge…..Providing you access to Exotic Vehicles, Yachts, Private Jets, Helicopters, And Vacation Homes. 24/7/365

Mission statement
Our mission is to go above and beyond for our Clients, Members, and Asset Owners. We aim to deliver an unrivaled personalized service, always going that extra mile. We are committed to the notion that quality matters, bringing you only the very best. We’re driven by aspiration and innovation, resourcefulness and access, fostered through our desire to deliver “The Essence of Excellence”.


Headquarters: 750 B. Street, Suite # 3300, San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: 888.504.3171

Fax: 888.504.0991


San Diegans: 10 things you may not know about your bay

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Hotel del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado

There is so much history behind the San Diego Bay, and so many interesting facts about everything from the architecture to wildlife to the dirt that created the islands.  And, it’s surprising how some people who have lived in San Diego for a while, or even their whole life, don’t know some of these random facts about the bay, which was part of the birth of San Diego.  Here are 10 things you may or may not know about the beautiful San Diego bay.

10) Coronado Island – Coronado Island was first discovered by Spanish explorer Sebastian Vizcaino in the early 17th century.  However he did not settle here and for almost 200 years the peninsula remained bare.  It wasn’t until 1821 that land grants were issued after whalers had used the island to carry out their work and so had set up hide houses.  In 1977 Hotel del Coronado was opened and became a historic landmark.  Besides rumored to be haunted, the beach off of here is one of the best in San Diego.  If you drive through some of the residential areas you will also find somewhat hidden little spots that take you right to the water and open up to a beautiful view of Downtown San Diego and the bay.

9) Shelter Island – Shelter Island used to be identified on the map as a shoal, or mudbuck.  In the 1930’s a dredging project began, raising Shelter Island 14 feet above low water, and 7 feet above high tide.  A causeway (Shelter Island Drive), was created, connecting the island and mainland together.  America’s Cup Harbor is located to the east side of this island. 

8 ) Harbor Island – In 1961, the U.S. Navy had the main channel of San Diego Bay dredged to deepen the berths for military ships.  Over 12 million cubic yards of sand and mud was used to create this mile and a half long island.  Harbor Island also holds some of the nicest hotels with beautiful views.

7) Ballast Point – Many of the stones on Ballast Point are from ports all around the world.  Skippers would either collect or unload stones for their ballast on their ships, and over time a collection from around the world was gathered.  Many New England streets are lined with stones from Ballast Point. 
-During the whaling period, a whale-rendering plant was built on Ballast Point.
-Today Ballast Point is part of SD Naval Submarine Base, and  a U.S. Coast Guard facility is also located on the island.

Naval Submarine Station

Naval Submarine Station

6) Naval Submarine Station – Located off of Ballast Point, the sub station always catches the attention of passer-byers.  You are usually lucky enough to catch a sub or more sitting in the water.  You have to pass one on the water to really appreciate its size and structure.  The two large walls you will notice with a huge U.S. flag on the side is where they repair the submarines. If you are lucky enough you may see one being worked on.  The walls drop when a submarine needs to be loaded onto the platform, then raised back up for repairs.  This Naval Submarine base was used in the movie “Red October”.  After the attacks of September 11th, the barriers that look like huge black sausage links, were added so that any enemy vessel could not sneak attack from under water.

5) San Diego Bay Wildlife
a) Sea Turtles – The Green Sea Turtles are not believed to have originally resided in San Diego bay.  The story goes that Captain Bogart arrived in San Diego with sea turtles he had captured in Mexico. The sea turtles were kept in pens on the shores of Point Loma with the intention of starting a turtle meat business up.  After some storms that year, about 100 of the sea turtles broke away.  These escapee’s are believed to be the ancestors to the small group of about 30 to 60 sea turtles that live in the bay now.  It’s believed that the sea turtles first spotted in San Diego in the 1850’s migrated from Mexico.  Either way the Eastern Pacific green sea turtle is considered endangered throughout its range.
b) Giant Pacific Seahorse – the seahorse that resides in the San Diego Bay is one of the largest in the world, reaching a length of up to 12 inches.  They can be found all the way to Peru.  They are in constant risk from overfishing and habitat destruction.  Currently, they are listed as “vulnerable” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
c) California Sea Lion – All over the bay on buoys or swimming around you’ll notice the California Sea Lion.  Their favorite spot to hangout however are the bait docks owned and operated by Everingham Bros. Bait Co. since 1951.  Shore birds and sea lions hang out around the docks hoping to get a free meal.  The bait docks are always covered with these animals, and is the best place to get a look at them up close. 

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

d) Brown Pelican – Adult brown pelicans are a large dark gray-brown water bird with a white head and neck, and their wingspan ranges from, 6 to over 8 feet long.  Watching one of these birds or even better- a flock, take flight, is a beautiful sight.  They are listed as endangered and their population was almost decimated twice in the U.S. by pesticides such as DDT and related compounds.  The DDT would weaken egg shells, so when mothers went to incubate their eggs, they would end up crushing them.  Reproducing young became difficult and almost killed the species.  Populations are still vulnerable to chemical and pesticide pollution today. 
e) Of course there are hundreds of other species that also reside in the bay as well.

4) The Gray Whale – Every year between December and April, the gray whale graces San Diego with its presence as it makes its migration to and from their breeding grounds in the Baja lagoons of Mexico.  Before near extinction and industry expansion, the whales used to swim right into the bay as part of their route.  After whaling nearly killed their species twice, and after pollution from the growing city affected the water, they moved their route out a little  further from shore.  It’s not uncommon during whale watching season to catch a juvenile playing in the kelp beds in the bay.  In fact earlier this year one found the bay to be a comfortable place to stay for a few days.  Biologists almost had to try and chase it out to sea because the precaution levels within the bay started to become inconvenient for ships.  Whale watching is one of the biggest tourist attractions in San Diego every year.

3) Lindbergh Field – The San Diego International Airport is the 30th busiest airport in the country as far as passengers goes, but the busiest single runway commercial airport in the nation.  There are an average of 600 departures and arrivals a day!  Before becoming a runway, it was a mud flat that was often covered by water during high tide.  After funds in 1927, the bay north of B Street Pier was deepened.  The dredged material was used to cover 142 acres of tidelands.  This became Lindbergh Field.

Tom Ham's Lighthouse & Restaurant

Tom Ham's Lighthouse & Restaurant

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse Restaurant– On the west end of Harbor Island you’ll come across Tom Ham’s Lighthouse and Restaurant.  Why is it both?  Well Tom Ham wanted to make a restaurant but the Coast Guard wanted a lighthouse.  They came to a compromise and made it both.  Beacon #9 is a fully functioning lighthouse, and is one of two sanctioned by the Coast Guard on the bay.
Point Loma Lighthouses – Atop the hill/cliff at the point of Point Loma, there is a lighthouse.  However this one is not used anymore.  This lighthouse was too high up to do any good for ships coming into the bay during especially foggy nights.  So, the lighthouse now found at the bottom of the cliff at the very tip of Point Loma, was built, and the lens from the original Point Loma lighthouse, was actually used for this newer one.

1) John Wayne Jetty – The jetty on the East side channel, meant to reshape the bay entrance, is named after John Wayne himself.  Why?  John Wayne took his boat out to sea, and one night upon coming back from a fishing trip to Mexico, did not realize that the high tide was covering the jetty, and he rode his ship aground on it.  But if that wasn’t enough to earn the title, upon another trip back from sea, he crashed into the jetty upon high tide yet again, in nearly the  same spot.  So after two times of doing this, they felt is necessary to name the jetty after him. (The rock jetty is actually called the Zuniga Jetty).


Any references used include The Birch Aquarium 2008-2009 Whale Watching Program Training Handbook

Peter Lik – Art Review

September 15, 2009 2 comments
"The Ghost"

"The Ghost"

For as much time as I have spent in San Diego throughout my life, I still always manage to find some little gem that I was unaware of before.  My latest discovery occured upon walking through the streets of Downtown La Jolla.  Out enjoying a stroll under the stars and comfortable temperature of the weather, we approached something that vibrantly stood out from a window.  Halting in front of it, beautiful landscape pictures caught our eyes and drew us in. 

The art gallery belonged to master photographer, Peter Lik.  He is a self-taught artist that started off in Australia and expanded his work throughout the world.  25 years worth of work and counting, Lik has earned many awards.  In his artwork he captures nature in some ways I have never seen a photographer capable of doing before.  It is amazing how he is able to capture the lighting and colors of his subjects so vividly.  The photographs are sold in huge panoramic sizes, ranging from $3,000- $8,000.  Nothing I could ever afford, but they’re nice to look at none the less.  The most incredible thing about his photogrpahs however that I have not yet mentioned, is the detail he is able to capture.  I have never seen a more clear picture then when I was standing in front of his work.  In one particular piece of a snowy forest, “Sunlit Birches”, the sun’s rays were captured so clearly, and the detail was so fine I could see the glisten of the blanket of snow. I felt as if I was standing in the forest myself.

Peter Lik & "Sunlit Birches"

Peter Lik & "Sunlit Birches"

Wheter you are into photography or not, Peter Lik’s work is definately worth being checked out, and experienced.  You can take the easy way out and look his stuff up online, which even then you will see the beauty of his work, but to fully appreciate his work, you need to be standing in front of one.

10 Ridiculously Amazing Projects of Dubai

September 9, 2009 2 comments
Have you ever heard about how much money Dubai has, and how it not only has some crazy buildings and architecture? Even crazier have you seen plans for future projects of Dubai?  Here are some newer and older plans that are just too ridiculously amazing, you never would have dreamed of seeing images such as theses become reality. 

10) 0-14 TOWER
-“This new tower, 0-14, was designed by Reiser + Umemoto RUR Architecture P.C. and developer Shahab Lutfi. The building was designed for Dubai’s Business Bay and features 22 floors covered in a double skin facade. That is, outermost skin is constructed from 40c, thick perforated concrete. The one meter space between the skins creates a chimney effect, cooling the building.”

0-14 Tower

0-14 Tower

-“Snowdome, previously referred to as Dubai Sunny Mountain Skidome, will be a gigantic indoor ski dome project, that will be part of the Attraction and Experience World of the mega tourism project, Dubailand. The AED 3.7 billion (US$ 1 billion) development will cover an area of 1.4 million square feet (130 thousand square meters) and contain a host of snow and ice based activities for children and adults.”




-“The Opus will appear to hover from the ground. Constructed of three separate towers the building will appear as a singular unified whole, with a distinctive void. The interiors of which will be clad with a fully engineered curved glass curtain wall to allow for eye-catching views into the void. Reflexive fretting patterns in the form of pixilated striations will be applied onto the glass facade to provide a degree of reflectivity and materiality to the cube while assisting in the reduction of solar gains inside the building. Within the Opus there will be a retail podium across the ground, first and second floor. The uppermost floor will feature a tranquility zone, a beach deck with a reflective pool and shaded roof terrace a media zone and a gym. The building boasts an AAA-class rating and has 87 per cent space efficiency.”



-“Entirely assembled in Germany, this underwater hotel will be immersed with broad waterfront of Dubai at the end of 2006. It will comprise 220 continuations whose panoramic windows will give views of sea-beds. The price of a room for the night would rise up to 500 dollars.”



-“This immense sporting complex of 7.5 km² will accomodate sports such as the cricket, [rock climbing], the golf, Rugby, football, the sports of ground, track, and interior (tennis shoe, handball, volley ball).” 

Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports City

-“Dubai Towers is the centerpiece for the large ‘Lagoons’ development. The buildings and the development were all conceived of by TVS. The four towers range in size from 54 to 97 floors and were inspired by the flames and movement of candlelight.”

Dubai Towers

Dubai Towers

“The Cloud is a speculative design for a resort city elevated 300 metres in the air above Dubai and is just supported on slanting legs resembling rain. It is designed by Nadim Karam, a Lebanese architect. It is a horizontal presence on an elevated platform, an antithesis to the sum of skyscrapers spreading over the entire region. This looks scary.”

The Cloud

The Cloud

-“Architect David Fisher is the designer of the ‘Da Vinci Rotating Tower’, one of the most innovative and
unique buildings to be built in Dubai. The 250 meter tower will allow each floor to rotate freely allowing
the building to shift its shape. In between each floor horizontal, wind turbines will allow the building to
produce energy.” (  Each floor is said to have its own garage as well.

Da Vinci Tower

Da Vinci Tower

-Waterfront: “Advancing on water of the Gulf, this whole of islands in the shape of a crescent will extend on 81 square kilometres, becoming the greatest sea front in the world!”
-Palm Island: “Three artificial islands in the shape of palm trees will shelter nearly 500 apartments, 2000 villas, 25 hotels and 200 shops of luxury. Palm Jumeirah, the most advanced, was completed at of the end of 2005. A hundred twenty-five kilometers of coast additional will be thus created artificially.”

Palm Island

Palm Island

-The World is a man-made archipelago of 300 islands constructed in the shape of a world map and located 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Palm Islands. Like the other artificial island
projects, The World is built primarily using sand dredged from the sea. It was developed by Nakheel Properties and was originally conceived by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. The World is one of several artificial island projects being constructed in Dubai.

The World

The World



Desriptions & Pictures courtesy of UNP ( :” Amazing Future Projects of Dubai”)

The Lake Arrowhead Village Deli & Pizza – Lake Arrowhead, CA

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The Deli

The Deli

Up on the mountain, as you’re cruising up Highway 18 towards Big Bear, if you turn off onto Highway 173, you’ll come across the town of Lake Arrowhead.  And, as you follow this road, it will take you straight into the Lake Arrowhead Village, where stores and restaurants over look the lake.  Amongst one of these restaurants is The Lake Arrowhead Village Deli & Pizza & Fun Center.  That’s a mouthful to say, so the locals just call it “The Deli”. 

Owned by Dave and Lisa Doyle, their friendly, hospitable, upbeat attitudes keep people coming back.  The place is very sports-themed.  The main room, where you order, has sports equipment, posters, jerseys (from professional athletes), etc., all over the walls.  There are also enough TVs to catch your games too.  To the left of the main room, is more seating, accommodating to larger parties.  It actually is a nice room for pizza parties after a game.  Fittingly so, there are pictures and plaques all over this room of different teams.  The majority of pictures are of sports teams of the local high school: Rim of the World High.  Next to this room is a nice little arcade, where you can even win prizes! (They are more so along the 12 and under age range  of prizes, so don’t get too excited).  On the far right side of the restaurant is the patio- the best place to sit and eat in the whole restaurant (when it’s not too windy that is).  Here, you have a great view of the lake and the rest of The Village.

Now let’s get to the reason why you came here in the first place – the food.  The Deli has a good selection of items on their menu.  First of course is the pizza; the pizza you get here is some of the best pizza I have had.  They have pretty much every topping you can think of, including sardines.  They have a couple special pizzas, one being a pizza with everything on it if you’re daring enough to order it, and the other being Dave’s Special, which includes an alfredo sauce instead of tomato, and chicken on top.  What I personally think makes the pizza even more incredible is the ranch dressing.  Their homemade ranch dressing is hands down the best ranch I have ever had. 

View from The Deli

View from The Deli

Then there is their sandwiches which are their second major items. You can of course just order a sandwich any way you want  with the items they have available to choose from, or you can order what they have put together on the menu.  These sandwiches are pretty big, and pretty good.  With a selection of meats, cheeses, and veggies, and with the quality and thickness of the sandwich, Subway does not compare.  There are a variety of sides they have for you to choose from to go along with your sandwich: potato salad, macaroni salad, a small side salad, chips, fruit, etc. 

A third major item of theirs, are their salads.  The individual salads here are big enough to feed two or three people.  Usually if one person is ordering a salad for themselves, this is their meal.  They have a selection of salads including a Greek salad, a Ceasar salad, an Antipasto salad, and a regular tossed green salad, to name a few.  Besides all of these options, they also have your traditional pizza place appetizers, including hot wings, fries, etc.  There is also a good selection of beer (draft and bottled), wine, sodas, and other beverages here too. 

So next time you’re heading up the mountain, whether it’s to hit the slopes in the winter, or hit the lake in the summer, make sure to stop by and check this place out.

The Edison – Downtown Los Angeles, CA

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The Edison

The Edison

Out of the chaos of bars and clubs in downtown LA, with an entrance hidden in an alley, at 108 W. 2nd Street, you come across The Edison.  From the outside you half expect to step into some run down club but as soon as you get inside you realize it’s the furthest thing from it. 

There is much interesting history behind The Edison that adds to the design and atmosphere of the bar.  The Edison was LA’s first private power plant and retains many of its architectural andmechanical artifacts.  That means you’ll find artifacts such as power plant generators blended in with the brassy colored decor.  This bar has many rooms, some of which you may not even get to see.

First there is “The Generator Lounge” available for a private party (one of the rooms you’ll be lucky to see), then you’ll find the Music Room that is a little more secluded from the main bar, as it has its own little bar and even has a little balcony you can climb up to and chill.  The Ember Parlour is not so hidden from the main bar, in fact you might feel like you’re part of the line to get a drink, just sitting there.  The Tesla Lounge is for a private dinner party, as it is obvious with the long dining table and huge comfortable couch.  The Game Room, accommodating to parties of up to 20, is equipped with a pool table.

The Main Bar

The Main Bar

Now moving on to the not so private rooms that you’d be more interested in… The Main Bar is a huge rectangular shape with plenty of comfortably cushioned bar stoolsall around it, if you can manage to snag one.  The bartender’s attire reflects that of a bar during Hollywood’s Golden Age.  With a nice variety of liqueurs, and a selection of beers andwine, although you can find something you’ll like, it can get a bit pricey.  For a vodka-Redbull, it cost $11. 

Continuing on to the most fun room for all you not spending god knows how much money on a private room…The Lab.  Here is where you’ll find your dance floor and stage.  There is another bar over here too so you don’t have to walk all the way back to the Main Bar; convenient.  Against the walls are couches deep enough for two people to fall asleep on, it’s like sitting on a bed.  So much so that when I sat all the way back, my feet practically touched the endof the couch.  You’ll find other couches, booths, and table scattered throughout the room too. 

The Washbin

The Wash Bin

Even the restroom area is interesting.  Before you even enter either men’s or women’s restroom, in the middle of the two entrances there is a circular wash bin.  The floors are marble tiled and the walls are mirrored, and lined with artwork.  The inside of the restrooms, although a little dim on lighting, are nicely decorated as well.

The most unique thing, besides the generator/power plant decor, that I foundabout this place, was the Absinthe Fairy.  Walking around with a cart is a woman dressed up like a fairy in green and glitter, wings and all.  Within the ironclad cart are interesting looking vials.  Most of them were circular vials, where you could choose a small shot equivalent vial of absinthe, or a larger-than-a-softball vial of absinthe.  There are also these tree branch looking holders with vase-like vials of absinthe in them.  The Absinthe Fairy and her cart was the last thing I expected to see at this bar.

To get in you have to be somewhat dressed up.  For girls that means a dress or skirt outfit (no jean skirts). You may be able to get away with a nice blouse and jeans ordeal too; but you’re going to feel under-dressed and dumb.  Guys, you have to wear dress shoes; no sneakers, converse, all black Vans, etc.  If you’re going to wear jeans guys they better be nice ones up to par with Rockin Republics.  No t-shirts either gentleman – dress shirts, button ups, maybe polos. 

The Generator Lounge

The Generator Lounge

The age range here, because of the history of the place, is mainly from “barely legal to drink” to “Oh, you could be my dad”. You’ll find occasional grandpas there too trying to pull Hugh Hefners.  Most of the time the different groups seem to cluster with their own age range though. 

 So if you’re looking for a more upscale or different kind of  place to go to one night, or want to impress a date, I highly recommend The Edison.  You have to visit it at least once and experience the atmosphere.