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10 Fashion Don’ts

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1) Shorts/pants with words across the butt – Really??  You’re not anymore attractive if your butt says “juicy” or “cutie”….really, it’s just tacky.


2) Wearing clothes that are too small for you or too big for you
        -Ladies:  wear the right pant size, no one wants to see your muffin top.  And don’t wear the overly baggy shirts/dresses, unless you’re pregnant, don’t dress like you’re pregnant
        -Gentleman: Your pants are too tight when we can see your bulge.  No one wants to see if you wear it to the left or the right.  And we don’t want to see your underwear sticking out; sagging your pants is so 10 years ago for high schoolers.

3) Matching from head to toe – you don’t need to wear a blue shirt, blue hat, blue sunglasses, blue shoes, etc…you’ll look like a blueberry.



4) Crocs – unless you’re in elementary school and your mom still dresses you, just don’t wear them.  It’s like wearing rubber clogs. 

5) Covered toes, open shoes
-Flip flops and socks – Are your feet cold? Yes? Then why are you wearing sandals to begin with?… No? Well then you know it just looks tacky right?  Again, clashing seasons doesn’t work: Why do girls wear Uggs when it’s warm out?
-Closed toe nylons with open toe heels/slip-ons- just don’t do it.  It looks cheap when the seam of the nylons at the end of your toes are exposed.  Nylons are still okay to wear, just wear closed toe footwear.

6) Shoulder pads – if you’re still wearing suits or jackets, or anything with shoulder pads….cut them out, or replace that article of clothing.  Shoulder pads is another fashion statement that should stay in the 80’s: The Scrunchie: So-Over

Legging Don't

Legging Don't

7) Wrong usage of leggings – so leggings became really popular over the last year or so.  With that, came girls thinking they could wear leggings however they wanted, so long as they were wearing them, they were in.  Wrong. 
-Never wear leggings as pants: if your shirt does not cover your ass, you should not be wearing just leggings with it. 
– If you’re short, don’t wear leggings without boots, unless the leggings go all the way down to your ankle (which even then I think it still makes your calves or thighs look proportioned weird) Tall chicks, you may be able to get away with the leggings better, but if you’re going to wear them all the way down to your ankle, wear flats with them, it looks off when you do so with heels.

Platform Flip Flops

Platform Flip Flops

8 ) Platform flip flops – I’m sorry I know these were in, in the late 90’s, (okay I’ll even give you early 2000’s), but it’s the 21st century now ladies.  The Spice Girl era is long ‘n gone – it should have ended there.  However with the star-studs on them, somehow bro hoes were able to drag the trend on a little longer.

9) Too many unbuttoned buttons on a shirt, guys- On a button-down dress shirt, 2 buttons max seems to be the unanimous unwritten rule for how many buttons can be unbottoned.  If you have a shirt under, and you’re not going for too dressy, okay, fine.  But if you do not have a shirt under that button-down, be prepared to get turned-down.  What are you trying to show off?  Don’t pull a Fabio. 

Fake Louis Vuitton

Fake Louis Vuitton

10) T-shirts with fake logos – If you can’t afford to buy a real name-brand shirt, fine, but don’t wear a fake-logo shirt (or any article of clothing really).  If you can’t afford that Dolce & Gabbana, don’t substitute for a “Doice & Cabbana”.  Go to Express or something similar, yet cheaper.  Fake is tacky. Same goes for the fake Louis Vuitton purses that seem to be so popular ladies.  If it’s a logo that looks like the original logo tweaked, just don’t do it.

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  1. Fred
    September 28, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    Platform flip-flops are sexy. Please ladies, don’t stop wearing them.

  1. October 2, 2009 at 1:40 pm
  2. January 17, 2010 at 3:12 pm

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