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What’s Hot On YouTube: Techno Viking

December 28, 2009 1 comment

 With almost 11 million views, even though this video came out years ago, it is still quite popular.  Have never heard of the Techno Viking before? Then watch this video as a muscular-viking-looking-“I wouldn’t mess with him” guy, reprimands a grown man without saying a single word, for grabbing a lady, then continues to walk the streets of Berlin, dancing to techno music, shirtless.

KNEECAM No.1 – the original Technoviking tape from 2000


What’s Hot On YouTube: JK Wedding Entrance Dance

December 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Here is a new, untraditional way to walk down the aisle at your wedding.  A couple decides to play “Forever” by Chris Brown, in place of the traditional wedding walk song.  The wedding party dances down the aisle, the groom even doing a sommersalt I found it to be entertaining, different, and definately memorable.  Props are given for the stunner shades being worn.

Put up in July of 2009, this video has reached over 36 million hits so far.

At the end, they built up the moment to when the bride was to walk in…I felt in doing so that she should have been a bad ass dancer, blowing everyone away. Instead her entrance was sort of boring and short, but props to her for being different anyways; and kudos to the bride and groom for changing up the traditional way to get married.