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Recycling can get you free M.A.C.

January 19, 2010 Leave a comment

M.A.C. Cosmetics

Hey ladies, you know how expensive MAC cosmetics can be, but you just can’t help but to buy it anyways.  And are there ever sales at MAC? Not that I have ever known of.  So how can you possibly save money at MAC?  Well start saving up those MAC containers! Your empty compacts, eyeshadows, lip gloss tubes, all of it.  When you turn in six of them, you get a free eyeshadow, lip gloss, or lipstick.  And when some of those eyeshadows can cost almost $20, that’s a deal.  And, if you’re addicted to MAC like a lot of females get, you’ll find, affordable or not, that you slowly start to collect many, and it can add up.

You’re contributing to the environment by recycling, contributing to your wallet by saving money (even though it’s probably a ploy of an incentive to get you to buy more MAC), and contributing to your beauty by being able to keep using some of the best makeup out there.


Quick Beauty Tips: Using Baby Products

January 7, 2010 4 comments

Baby Powder & Oil

1) Baby Powder:
Have no time to wash your hair ladies? Or your hair is feeling just a little bit oily or greasy?  Well you don’t need to leave the house looking completely wrecked.  Put some baby powder into your hair, especially all over your scalp.  You will find your hair won’t look so greasy.  And, styling your dirty hair will be easier.  Now, I’m not suggesting you do this instead of washing your hair all the time, but if you find you have nothing but a quick minute to get ready, then this could be a solution for you. 
>Another tip: If you have bangs, wash just your bangs real quick under the sink, and apply the baby powder to the rest of your scalp.  Bangs frame your face, and if they’re not looking right, you feel totally thrown off with your look.  It’s still quicker than having to wash your whole head of hair, while looking decent. 

2) Baby Oil:
Having trouble getting rid of those racoon eyes?  Too much makeup under your eyes, or that eyeliner just won’t come off unless you try scrubbing it off with a towel?  Sometimes there are just those places you can’t quite get to unless you want soap in your eyes. Save yourself from making your eyes go from black to red; grab a Q-tip or a tissue, dip it in baby oil, and just swipe the makeup away.  I don’t advise using the baby oil on your upper eyelid however unless you have time to wash your eyes off afterwards.  Sometimes after using the baby oil on your eyelids, the oil can cause your reapplication of makeup to not stick.  

3) Baby wipes:
Don’t have time to wash your face, or your in a situation where you don’t have face wash with you?  If there is baby wipes around, take one, and wipe off your makeup.  Rinse your face with water afterwards if you can so that your skin doesn’t dry or get irritated though.  If you need to put moisturizer or lotion on afterwards, do so, then you’re ready to apply your makeup again.
>Quick tip:  Actual face wipes, which you can find in the face wash aisle, come quite in handy.  If you find yourself always out and sleeping over other places, or travelling a lot, face wipes are convenient.  They are also convenient if you do not have much time to get ready, and while you can still salvage the eye-makeup you have on, you don’t want to apply face makeup over last night’s.  You want a clean, oil-free face.  Otherwise you are clogging up those pores, and while you are getting the job done for the moment, you are going to break out and have a problem later. 
– Face wipes usually come in a handy little box, but get the refill packages as well, and keep one in your car or over-night bag.  The refill packages are usually resealable. 

>>These baby products won’t set you back money wise either.  Go to the travel size section, and you can get each for around a buck.  Great if you’re on a Cheap Budget. Plus, then you will be able to fit them in your purse, so you will conveniently have them when you need them. 

>>These are also great tips if you find yourself in one of those “Morning After” situations, and are trying to avoid “the walk of shame”.

5 Quick Beauty Tips For The Morning After

December 8, 2009 1 comment

Avoid the walk of shame

First step is to make sure that you have the items in your handbag or purse that are reccommended in 10 Essentials For A Girl’s Purse When She Goes Out .

Let’s break this down piece by piece, and try to help you from making an obvious walk of shame or to still look cute for that guy in the morning whether you’ve been out drinking the night before or just slept over:

– So you wake up, your hair is going to be a mess.  If you have bangs, you have an even bigger problem, because let’s face it, those bangs shape your face, and when they look funky, so do you.  And yes, I did just say funky.  So what are you going to do to fix your hair?  First option: pull your hair back into a pony tail.  Often if your hair was curled, the curls will have fallen out, and if your hair was straightened, it’s going to be all wavy.  What to do about the bangs though? Perhaps pull them back, or apply some water to try and shape them better.  If you’re hair isn’t too bad of a disaster, try teasing it. It could put some life back into your hair, straight, wavy, or curled. 

– Your makeup is going to be smeared around, or smeared off.  And smeared eyes makes you look hungover and dreadful.  Try wiping away anything that may have smeared under your eyes. That’s the first step in getting rid of those racoon eyes.  Now, hopefully you kept that eyeliner in your purse like I told you to, if you are an eyeliner wearer.  Touch up your eyeliner, whether you have eyeshadow or not, your eyes will look more alive and awake now.  If your eyeshadow has smeared off or is uneven, just wipe the remaining eyeshadow off.  If you have your eyeshadow on you, just do a quick touchup.
– If you have that pair of sunglasses in your purse like I warned you to have in 10 Essentials For A Girl’s Purse When She Goes Out , then you can always throw those on instead if you are leaving right away, or for double the security in making sure your eyes don’t draw you to be a zombie.

Quick touch-ups

The rest of your face:
– Of course in the morning your compact, foundation, blush, whatever, will have rubbed off.  Take out that compact or blush, whatever you have on you, and do a quick touchup just to put some color back in your face so you don’t look so blah.
– Throw on a light coat of lipstick or lipgloss. Even chapstick if that is all you have got.

Hopefully you stuck some gum in your purse; if so pop a piece in your mouth.  If you are one of those people that go out alot, or stay over at other people’s places often, you should know to keep a toothbrush, and maybe even a small tube of toothpaste, in your bag.

You obviously are most likely to not have deoderant on you, so take out that spray and spray on a couple of mists, to subtly smell fresh.  Don’t douse yourself in perfume.

All of these little processes are meant to be done in 5 minutes maximum of time together.  You don’t want to take all morning after getting ready.  Just a quick fix-me-up when you wake up, so you don’t look so dreadful as you are leaving, or for the remainder of the time you may hang around there.  Plus you don’t want to make it obvious to the other person that you are TRYING to make yourself all done up and cute again.

Beauty Tips On A Cheap Budget

November 12, 2009 4 comments
Acrylic Nail Kit

Acrylic Nail Kit $7

Getting Your Nails Done

Okay, so you can’t afford to go get your nails done at a salon.  It usually costs anywhere from $20-$30 to get a full white tip set. Then it costs usually between $8-$12 for a fill.  You spend around $70 a month.  If you absolutely want those acrylics but just can’t afford it, there are alternatives.  You can find do-it-yourself kits at stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Ross, etc.  Most kits come with the glue, gel – powder and liquid, 40 tips, white or clear, a little file, and lift stick.  You will have to buy a clear coat separately, and maybe a separate longer nail file and buffer.  So what is the price difference?
You save about $55, if not more, a month, and that’s not even including what you would tip the salon ladies.
At Wal-Mart a kit costs about $7.  Even if you have to get your own clear coat (about $2-$5), and a filer and buffer (about $2-$3 for both), you’re not paying more than probably $15.  That’s just a little over the price of getting a fill. And now, you have a kit to do your own fill for free.  Not only that, but now for a one time price of $15 you can now do your nails several times.  You may have to buy more of the nail tips, but you’ll still have the supplies.  You may also have to replace the nails more often than if you went to a salon, but it is still cheaper than going and getting a fill after a week or 2, and then getting a new set a week or 2 after that. Remember each kit comes with 40 tips, and if you need more tips but not more supplies, a  box of just the nail tips is still less than the price of a kit. If you go to Ross, you may be lucky enough to find a kit for $2-$3.

 Doing your own nails isn’t even difficult, and even better if you have a friend to do them with, you both can help each other, making things even less difficult.  It always makes for a nice girls’ night too.


Revlon Hair Color $3

Dying Your Hair

You want to do something different with your hair, or you need to recolor it, but you just don’t want to pay to go get it done at a salon, or simply just can not afford it.  Instead of paying anywhere from $50 to over $100 to get your hair done at a salon, you can do it yourself, (or have a friend help you do it), for just $3!
Yes, the ammonia may be bad for your hair if you dye it too much, but if you need to save your money this month, it’s a simple solution.  It won’t hurt to dye your hair from a box this one or two, or even three times.
If your hair is longer it may take 2 boxes.  Even then you are only spending $6.  Now not all brands and stores sell hair dye for this cheap. Wal-Mart, Target, and most other stores, sell Revlon for under $3 a box.  And it is a good dye to use despite how cheap the price is.  Have a friend help you if you are afraid that you’ll miss a spot, but it really is not hard to do. 
The only things you will need besides the box of dye, is a bowl to mix it in (mixing in a bowl and using your glove covered hands instead of the bottle to apply the dye tends to be easier), and a comb to make sure it is being evenly distributed or to get out tangles before you apply the dye to ensure less a chance of  blotches later.

>>Use these tips ladies and you just beautified yourself for about $20!