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What’s hot on Youtube: 5 of the top dancing videos

October 22, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

 There are a lot of dance videos on Youtube that are hot, so to just choose 5 may seem impossible.  Here are 5 of them; included are the amount of views for each video. Keep in mind that the number of views listed here are based on these particular videos that were uploaded alone.

1) Evolution of dance
Inspirational Comedian, Judson Laipply, takes you through the decades with some of the most popular dance moves of their times.

2) OK Go – Here it goes again
So this is more of a music video, but when it was first released on Youtube the “treadmill music video” became a hit. Treadmill choreographed dancing caught the eye of viewers all over, and anytime you type in “top dance videos” on Youtube, you are bound to cross this one. 

3) Soulja Boy – How to Crank That – Instructional Video
Believe it or not Soulja Boy’s instructional video for his famous song “Crank that”, is very popular.  Not only was the song catchy, but so was the choreography, so people everywhere started looking up the dance steps.  If you haven’t “cranked it” at least once, you know you want to try.

4) World of Warcraft: Dancing
Alright, so this video was already featured on Deja Loops in What’s hot on Youtube: 10 of the Top World of Warcraft Videos, but it is one of the most viewed dancing videos on Youtube, so it deserved to be presented again. This video shows the different music videos that Blizzard used as inspiration for the character dances on World Of Warcraft.

5) Evolution of Dance 2
A sequel to his first performance “Evolution of Dance”, Judson Laipply brings you “Evolution of Dance 2” with new songs and new moves.

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