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What’s hot on Youtube: 5 of the funniest child videos

1)Charlie bit my finger
This video of Harry’s baby brother, Charlie, biting his finger, spread quickly all over the internet, worldwide.  “Charlie, you bit me,” in that British accent, makes it probably tens times funnier then anyone would have ever found it to be.

2)Zombie kid likes turtles
Although a very short video, this one blew up quickly as well. “I like turtles” is probably bound to be said just the way the little boy dressed up as a zombie sounds, everytime someone sees a turtle.

3)David after dentist
Many spoofs, including “David after the divorce”, have come from this one.  This little boy is still drugged out after a trip to the dentist, and freaks out, saying some of the funniest things that soon landed him on talk shows such as the Tyra Banks show.

4)Dark Knight trailer – Little Kid Version
After the release of “The Dark Knight”, a video spoof of the trailer started popping up everywhere of toddlers recreating the scenes.  From makeup to their batman tricycles, you can’t help but to adore this spoof.

5)What would YOU do to a monster
Although not as famous as the above kid videos, this one had its 15 minutes of fame.  A little girl is asked what she would do if she saw a monster, and she explains how she would kick their ass.

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