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She’s Just Not That Into You : Segment 2

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is the next segment of She’s Just Not That Into You : Segment 1

6) She’s just not that into you, if she’s not responding to your texts or calls soon enough:
When a girl is into a guy, she is usually very attentive to her phone. This means when you send a text message, she probably reads it as soon as she got it, and if you call, she will pick up if she can. If you get a delayed response, with no explanation for the delayed response, don’t get a response before you end up sending another text to her, or she replies very bluntly, she’s just not that into you. Then again she could just be playing that “let him chase me” game, and thinks it’s to her safety to keep you guessing. You can thank the schmut that she dated before you for this.

You receive one-worded texts

7) She’s just not that into you, if she sends you one-worded texts:
It’s been found that most girls hate receiving one-worded, or even one-lettered text messages. It’s annoying, why send another text just to say “k”? So, if a girl is doing this to you, that means she probably isn’t really wanting to carry on much of a conversation with you. You may occasionally get these types of texts, but if you are getting them constantly, then she just may not be that into you.

8 ) She’s just not that into you, if she doesn’t occasionally offer to pick up the tab:
When a girl is into a guy, she will at some point offer to pick up the tab. Or won’t even offer, will just beat you to it. If she never offers, always expects you to get it, or totally hesitates before she throws money in, she just may not be that into you. Girls like to take care of the guy that she likes, and if she actually does like him, she has an appreciation for him always picking up the tab, and will thus offer to herself.

9) She’s just not that into you, if she’s not sleeping with you anymore:
We could go into why a girl isn’t sleeping with you at all, but let’s focus on why she isn’t anymore. So perhaps you started hanging out with a girl you used to date, hang out with, or just hook up with. Whichever the case, you had slept together before, and now she won’t sleep with you. Or you’re still hanging out with someone and they just stop wanting to have sex with you. You figure, “we were sleeping together before, why wouldn’t she want to anymore?” Well, I hate to say it but she’s just not that into you….anymore. Another likely possibility is that she is sleeping with someone else and prefers to sleep with them, but likes hanging out with you still. Still, it means she’s just not that into you. Getting even more in depth, she could be in the process of getting back together with someone else, she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings and just end it, so instead she just stops sleeping with you while you two slowly grow apart, and she then doesn’t feel guilty about sleeping with someone else as far as that other guy goes.

She won't sleep with you anymore

You can also look at it this way: was she just getting out of a relationship or something with another guy when she slept with you? You should know the term: REBOUND.
Or, what if you were that person that hurt her before. Sometimes when hurt, girls, after being pushed away, will eventually come to a point, if you push her away hard enough, that she doesn’t have the slightest bit of interest in you or attraction to you anymore. No matter how much she was into you before, emotional damage you did to her in the past could have damaged her attraction to you as well.

10) She’s just not that into you, if she doesn’t dance with you:
So some girls just might not like to dance because they think they can’t or whatever. But if you’ve got a girl here that you know likes to get down and dance with her friends all the time, well if she likes you she’ll probably dance with you. If she’s just not that into you, she may try and avoid to dance with you. If she’s dancing with everyone else, you notice she tries to get her friends to pull her towards them when you try to dance with her, or she makes up some excuse that she’s going to run to the restroom real quick when you try to dance with her, then, you guessed it, she’s just not that into you. When a girl is totally into a guy she will try getting him to dance with her whether he wants to or not. If you notice she doesn’t want to dance with you, don’t keep trying, it’s just going to make her more uncomfortable, and make her just not that much more into you.