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Recycling can get you free M.A.C.

January 19, 2010 Leave a comment

M.A.C. Cosmetics

Hey ladies, you know how expensive MAC cosmetics can be, but you just can’t help but to buy it anyways.  And are there ever sales at MAC? Not that I have ever known of.  So how can you possibly save money at MAC?  Well start saving up those MAC containers! Your empty compacts, eyeshadows, lip gloss tubes, all of it.  When you turn in six of them, you get a free eyeshadow, lip gloss, or lipstick.  And when some of those eyeshadows can cost almost $20, that’s a deal.  And, if you’re addicted to MAC like a lot of females get, you’ll find, affordable or not, that you slowly start to collect many, and it can add up.

You’re contributing to the environment by recycling, contributing to your wallet by saving money (even though it’s probably a ploy of an incentive to get you to buy more MAC), and contributing to your beauty by being able to keep using some of the best makeup out there.