She’s Just Not That Into You : Segment 1

January 19, 2010 1 comment

So by now almost everyone has heard of or seen “He’s Just Not That Into You”, a movie based on the book by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo.  At least, most women have.  And, not long after seeing the movie, if they hadn’t seen the movie because they read the book, go out and buy the book.  It’s become a sort of Bible to dating for women, so it seems.  So, we get it Greg, you’re telling us all the ways to know a guy just isn’t into us.  But what about the vice versa situation?  Some guys don’t know when to take the hint that a girl is just not that into him.

So gentleman, here are some signs and situations to being able to tell that “she’s just not that into you”.

1) She’s just not that into you, if she says she has a boyfriend:
Whether or not the girl actually has a boyfriend, it does not matter. If she is trying to make it clear that she has a boyfriend, whether it is obvious she is lying through her teeth or not, then she’s just not that into you.

Don't be fooled: She's just not that into you

Situation: Dude sees girl. Dude thinks girl is pretty. Dude wants girl’s number.  So said dude bugs the girl’s friends for her number but she tells them to tell him that she has a boyfriend.  Dude doesn’t believe the friends or still does not care, and continues to persist.  Even if the girl just straight out tells the dude herself that  “sorry I have a boyfriend” Dude will sometimes still persist.  If the girl has to revert to using one of her guy friends to pretend to be her boyfriend, the dude should by now really get the hint

Look  even if the signs are apparent that she does not have a boyfriend, she’s doing everything she can to make it seem like she does have a boyfriend.  Clearly she is not interested, so stop persisting.  Please take the hint and save yourself the shame of her just straight coming out and saying “I’m just not interested in you!”, or something even more embarrassing.  Truth is guys, boyfriend or not if a girl is even remotely interested or finds you attractive, she won’t automatically revert to the “I have a boyfriend” defense.

2) She’s just not that into you, if she says you’re not her boyfriend:
If a girl likes you enough that she is considering the possibilities that you could some day be her boyfriend, she will never point out to you “well you’re not my boyfriend”, especially when it comes to an argument where she is defending herself.  Granted, she may have thought about it before, but as soon as she says that little statement, well you might as well move on guys. 
If you’re out with people and someone, especially a good-looking guy, asks her “is this your boyfriend?” and she is quick to reply “no he’s not my boyfriend” without that “he’s-not-my-boyfriend-yet-but-I’m-not-sure-what-to-call-him” hesitation, then she’s just not that into you. Especially if she doesn’t give you that awkward glance first.  If she seems pretty confident in saying you’re not her boyfriend, don’t expect this “relationship” to go very far.

3) She’s just not that into you, if she doesn’t want to spend the night:
If a girl likes you, she will take the opportunity to sleep over if you let her.  Even if she has somewhere to be in the morning, she’ll at least come over for most of the night.  But, if she actually has nothing to do in the morning, and still won’t sleep over, then she most likely is not interested in you.  And this is after the point you have determined this is not a conservative church-going celebant.  If the two of you have hung out for a while now and the opportunity for her to sleep over has been presented multiple times and she has not taken one, that might be a bad sign.  Even better, if she has been drinking and would rather take the risks of drunk driving then sleep over even though you insisted, I would just throw in the towel now on the chances of her ever sleeping over.

4) She’s just not that into you, if she is using you for your hookups:
So your friend works at a club and you can get that girl and her friends on the guest list cover free.  She takes your offer and shows up.  You are ecstatic, because this chick, who is all dressed up with her clubbing mafia, actually showed up.  You are thinking she must be into you, she actually came, or you are glad it worked.  This doesn’t mean that she is into you dude!  It could simply mean she was just using you.  Or maybe by not being interested in you, she was just naïve to your intentions and saw it as a generous offer.  Look, sometimes guys think they can win a woman’s heart by impressing her materialistically.  And sometimes, “girls just wanna have fun”.

5) She’s just not that into you, if she’s letting you buy her drinks:
Just because a girl let’s you buy her a drink, does not mean she is into you.  This should be obvious in this day and age, but some guys are still oblivious to it. 

Situation: You are at a bar and a girl catches your eye; you approach her and either offer to buy her a drink right away or make small talk first then offer to buy her a drink.  She let’s you and you think, “awesome a chance to keep talking, hit the dance floor, and maybe even get a number”.  Most of the time, these types of guys are wrong.  The statistics are pretty high that women often will accept one drink from a random guy, maybe linger a little as gratitude for the drink, then give an excuse such as “I’ll be right back I have to….”
    >”use the bathroom real quick”
    >”go grab my friend”
    >”check on my friend”
    >”make a phone call
    >”go dance with my friends”
    > etc., you get the idea by now I hope.

Even if you are a bartender, or a DJ, and the same girls keep coming back to your bar, consider this: do you always give her free drinks, or drink cards, passes, anything FREE?  Chances are if you have been, that is why she and her friends keep coming back to you. It’s not that they’re interested in you persay, but that they would rather go to the bar where they know they won’t be paying anything and can still have a good time.


Quick Beauty Tips: Using Baby Products

January 7, 2010 4 comments

Baby Powder & Oil

1) Baby Powder:
Have no time to wash your hair ladies? Or your hair is feeling just a little bit oily or greasy?  Well you don’t need to leave the house looking completely wrecked.  Put some baby powder into your hair, especially all over your scalp.  You will find your hair won’t look so greasy.  And, styling your dirty hair will be easier.  Now, I’m not suggesting you do this instead of washing your hair all the time, but if you find you have nothing but a quick minute to get ready, then this could be a solution for you. 
>Another tip: If you have bangs, wash just your bangs real quick under the sink, and apply the baby powder to the rest of your scalp.  Bangs frame your face, and if they’re not looking right, you feel totally thrown off with your look.  It’s still quicker than having to wash your whole head of hair, while looking decent. 

2) Baby Oil:
Having trouble getting rid of those racoon eyes?  Too much makeup under your eyes, or that eyeliner just won’t come off unless you try scrubbing it off with a towel?  Sometimes there are just those places you can’t quite get to unless you want soap in your eyes. Save yourself from making your eyes go from black to red; grab a Q-tip or a tissue, dip it in baby oil, and just swipe the makeup away.  I don’t advise using the baby oil on your upper eyelid however unless you have time to wash your eyes off afterwards.  Sometimes after using the baby oil on your eyelids, the oil can cause your reapplication of makeup to not stick.  

3) Baby wipes:
Don’t have time to wash your face, or your in a situation where you don’t have face wash with you?  If there is baby wipes around, take one, and wipe off your makeup.  Rinse your face with water afterwards if you can so that your skin doesn’t dry or get irritated though.  If you need to put moisturizer or lotion on afterwards, do so, then you’re ready to apply your makeup again.
>Quick tip:  Actual face wipes, which you can find in the face wash aisle, come quite in handy.  If you find yourself always out and sleeping over other places, or travelling a lot, face wipes are convenient.  They are also convenient if you do not have much time to get ready, and while you can still salvage the eye-makeup you have on, you don’t want to apply face makeup over last night’s.  You want a clean, oil-free face.  Otherwise you are clogging up those pores, and while you are getting the job done for the moment, you are going to break out and have a problem later. 
– Face wipes usually come in a handy little box, but get the refill packages as well, and keep one in your car or over-night bag.  The refill packages are usually resealable. 

>>These baby products won’t set you back money wise either.  Go to the travel size section, and you can get each for around a buck.  Great if you’re on a Cheap Budget. Plus, then you will be able to fit them in your purse, so you will conveniently have them when you need them. 

>>These are also great tips if you find yourself in one of those “Morning After” situations, and are trying to avoid “the walk of shame”.

What’s Hot On YouTube: Techno Viking

December 28, 2009 1 comment

 With almost 11 million views, even though this video came out years ago, it is still quite popular.  Have never heard of the Techno Viking before? Then watch this video as a muscular-viking-looking-“I wouldn’t mess with him” guy, reprimands a grown man without saying a single word, for grabbing a lady, then continues to walk the streets of Berlin, dancing to techno music, shirtless.

KNEECAM No.1 – the original Technoviking tape from 2000

What’s Hot On YouTube: JK Wedding Entrance Dance

December 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Here is a new, untraditional way to walk down the aisle at your wedding.  A couple decides to play “Forever” by Chris Brown, in place of the traditional wedding walk song.  The wedding party dances down the aisle, the groom even doing a sommersalt I found it to be entertaining, different, and definately memorable.  Props are given for the stunner shades being worn.

Put up in July of 2009, this video has reached over 36 million hits so far.

At the end, they built up the moment to when the bride was to walk in…I felt in doing so that she should have been a bad ass dancer, blowing everyone away. Instead her entrance was sort of boring and short, but props to her for being different anyways; and kudos to the bride and groom for changing up the traditional way to get married.

Photo Of The Week: The Tipping Point…

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment
On a recent visit to the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, many climate change awareness displays were set up along one side of the museum, with sayings that easily caught attention. 
“We see a tipping point occurring right before our eyes.  The Arctic is the first tipping point and it’s occurring exactly the way we said it would.”
Quote from James Hansen, Scientist

The quote for this particular display was taken from Scientist James Hansen, in regards to the Arctic being the first tipping point of many to come due  to climate change.

Climate change is real, make sure you are aware of it.

“It’s About Time” – Give to V.O.I.C.E.S.

December 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Ever wonder what happens to foster kids once they reach 18?

Here’s a quick glimpse of some previous statistics:
-65%  find themselves without a place to live
-by the age of 19, only 57% will have received a high school diploma or GED
-less than 50% are employed 2.5-4 years after leaving foster care
-56% are reported using hard drugs
-50% suffer from chronic health conditions
-” Over 70% of all California State Penitentiary inmates have spent time in the foster care system.”
(These and more statistics can be found on the V.O.I.C.E.S. website.)

V.O.I.C.E.S., which stands for Voice Our Individual Choices for Emancipation Support, was founded in November of 2005, and has been helping these youth find jobs, homes, and helping them during their transition out of foster care.
To continue to help these youth however, V.O.I.C.E.S. needs your help.  $15,000 must be raised by the end of this year!

Watch this video, then learn a little more about V.O.I.C.E.S. and what they do for these youth, and how you can help.

V.O.I.C.E.S. Mission statement: “V.O.I.C.E.S. is a community based organization that exists to empower, love, and support under-served Napa County youth transitioning from systems of care.” 

V.O.I.C.E.S. also has a new center in Sonoma, located in Santa Rosa, CA, which opened its doors in April 2009 as an expansion of V.O.I.C.E.S Napa.
“V.O.I.C.E.S. Sonoma exists to provide a supportive, safe, and non-judgemental community where transition-aged youth from all systems of care can utilize peer based resources, feel connected, and build a foundation for their futures.” (Mission statement of V.O.I.C.E.S. Sonoma).

Visit the V.O.I.C.E.S. website at: