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Top 5 Problems Of Having Female Roommates

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Clothes Everywhere

– Most female roommates have problems doing housework such as taking out the trash, doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, etc (because it’s “icky”). Or, they will do it, but in time, not right away. Some will even wait til the trash is absolutely over flowing, in hopes that maybe you will take it out.  Clean as you go. It’s not that hard to rinse off your dishes and throw them in the dishwasher when you are done eating.
– There always seems to be hair everywhere: on the floor, in the sink, on the counter, in the shower, clogging the drains.  It’s not that hard to swoop up your loose hair and throw it in the trash ladies.
-Makeup everywhere. If your makeup spills, clean it up, otherwise it could get all over someone else’s stuff.
– Clothes will be thrown everywhere. In search of that perfect outfit for the day, a pile of clothes will have been thrown onto the floor or bed, and since so much time was spent on trying to find that outfit, oops, there’s no time to put it all away!
– Here is a random response from a guy stating a problem of having a female roommate: “Tampons”. Enough said.

– They nag, wine, complain, have mood swings, and PMS.  One minute you can be getting along great like best friends, the next you can’t stand to be around them.  Or, they can get really emotional or drama prone.  Yes, it’s your roommate, you should care about their lives, but sometimes it’s an obligation as a roommate to site there and listen to the other rant and rave about their boyfriend Jimmy, or best friend Susie.  Especially if you are one of those drama free type of people.

Taking Your Food

3)Borrowing your stuff
– Having female roommates it should be expected that every now and then you might want to swap clothes or accessories.  Some girls might not mind sharing, some might be really possessive about their stuff.
Then there are those, where you would not usually mind letting someone borrow something, but sometimes it gets to the point where they to do and it takes forever for them to return the item, or they never give it back. “I accidentally left it at so-and-so’s house”.  At that point expect that you’re never going to see your item again.
– What is even worse is when they borrow something without even asking.  You may go to look for said item and can’t find it anywhere, then days later it magically appears back in the spot it should have been in to begin with.  Or you notice in a picture on Facebook that your roommate is wearing something of yours that you did not even know they took.
-Also if you are going to take your roommate’s food or tupperware, or you are out of butter and need some for that recipe, be courteous enough to replace it right away.  Same goes for any shampoo, facewash, or any bathroom products.
– Be courteous ladies, ask to borrow something of your roommate’s first. Most of the time they won’t have a problem with it, unless they happen to need it at that time.

4)Bathroom time
– Let’s face it, females have a lot more to do in the shower than guys.  They have more to shave, more hair to wash, usually wash their face more extensively wish exfoliators, and face wash, and apricot scrub, etc.  So, they are going to take longer in the shower. 
– Then there is the application of the makeup, and the doing of the hair, and just getting ready altogether.
– Solution: figure out a schedule or a way that you both can use the bathroom time efficiently.  If you can put your makeup on and get dressed in your room while the other roommate showers, do that, then go back to the bathroom for the rest of you’re getting ready.

5)Bringing guys home
– If they have a boyfriend or a “guy”, it is expected that he will be coming over from time to time or even often.  That is fine.  It only becomes a problem when the guy starts walking around in his boxers like it’s his place too.
– What is worse though, is when they bring random guys home, you don’t know they brought them home, and you wake up to some dude using your bathroom or grabbing a drink from your fridge.  If you are going to have a guy over, even if it is your boyfriend, at least forewarn your roommate.  Shoot them a simple text letting them know, so that they don’t freak out and get out a bat running him out of the place thinking there is some creep or someone breaking in.
– Another note, if you share a room, don’t be doing the nasty or anything of the such with your roommate sleeping in the same room.  No matter how quiet you try to be, they can still tell what you are doing.

(p.s. this is in no way directed toward my own roommate)

  1. December 9, 2009 at 6:02 am

    Nice post, amazing looking blog, added it to my favorites!

  2. john
    February 21, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    Nicely said….

    & it seems 2 b like some1 very much experienced of having a female roommate write it.

    well done.. bravo!

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