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5 Quick Beauty Tips For The Morning After

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Avoid the walk of shame

First step is to make sure that you have the items in your handbag or purse that are reccommended in 10 Essentials For A Girl’s Purse When She Goes Out .

Let’s break this down piece by piece, and try to help you from making an obvious walk of shame or to still look cute for that guy in the morning whether you’ve been out drinking the night before or just slept over:

– So you wake up, your hair is going to be a mess.  If you have bangs, you have an even bigger problem, because let’s face it, those bangs shape your face, and when they look funky, so do you.  And yes, I did just say funky.  So what are you going to do to fix your hair?  First option: pull your hair back into a pony tail.  Often if your hair was curled, the curls will have fallen out, and if your hair was straightened, it’s going to be all wavy.  What to do about the bangs though? Perhaps pull them back, or apply some water to try and shape them better.  If you’re hair isn’t too bad of a disaster, try teasing it. It could put some life back into your hair, straight, wavy, or curled. 

– Your makeup is going to be smeared around, or smeared off.  And smeared eyes makes you look hungover and dreadful.  Try wiping away anything that may have smeared under your eyes. That’s the first step in getting rid of those racoon eyes.  Now, hopefully you kept that eyeliner in your purse like I told you to, if you are an eyeliner wearer.  Touch up your eyeliner, whether you have eyeshadow or not, your eyes will look more alive and awake now.  If your eyeshadow has smeared off or is uneven, just wipe the remaining eyeshadow off.  If you have your eyeshadow on you, just do a quick touchup.
– If you have that pair of sunglasses in your purse like I warned you to have in 10 Essentials For A Girl’s Purse When She Goes Out , then you can always throw those on instead if you are leaving right away, or for double the security in making sure your eyes don’t draw you to be a zombie.

Quick touch-ups

The rest of your face:
– Of course in the morning your compact, foundation, blush, whatever, will have rubbed off.  Take out that compact or blush, whatever you have on you, and do a quick touchup just to put some color back in your face so you don’t look so blah.
– Throw on a light coat of lipstick or lipgloss. Even chapstick if that is all you have got.

Hopefully you stuck some gum in your purse; if so pop a piece in your mouth.  If you are one of those people that go out alot, or stay over at other people’s places often, you should know to keep a toothbrush, and maybe even a small tube of toothpaste, in your bag.

You obviously are most likely to not have deoderant on you, so take out that spray and spray on a couple of mists, to subtly smell fresh.  Don’t douse yourself in perfume.

All of these little processes are meant to be done in 5 minutes maximum of time together.  You don’t want to take all morning after getting ready.  Just a quick fix-me-up when you wake up, so you don’t look so dreadful as you are leaving, or for the remainder of the time you may hang around there.  Plus you don’t want to make it obvious to the other person that you are TRYING to make yourself all done up and cute again.

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