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San Diego, stay away from those bums

Bum row, Downtown SD

Bum row, Downtown SD

Apparently there is a new potential swine flu breakout among homeless people around Downtown San Diego.  Since these bums tend to flock to the same area, and survive by sharing items and grouping together, it is feared that the swine flu will spread quicker.  You all have seen as you’re driving past the post office, that they all seem to set up camp around there.  Perhaps avoid that block especially.  If you feel like walking down to the Gaslamp district or just anywhere in Downtown, walk the extra block, or two, out of the way, to avoid being exposed.  I’m not saying homeless people are disease infested vigilantes that should be avoided at all costs; just telling you to take your precautions, it is just more likely for the swine flu to spread more quickly amongst them since there is a higher concentration of them in one area. 

The city is expected to get 28,000 doses of vaccine next week.  The homeless are not on the priority list.  Perhaps you can blame the city for the above perception that bums are disease infested beings.  They are people too, and if disease can spread quicker through them, why not vaccinate them?  So many people walk the streets of Downtown San Diego, or any part of San Diego with high concentrations of bums everyday.  It is not their fault that there is danger of the swine flu out-breaking amongst them, therefore meaning you have to go out of your way a few blocks to make sure you aren’t exposed.  All it takes is for one or two individuals to get sick and the rest are in danger.  There could be a huge wipeout with the breakout, due to most of these homeless being sick already and having weak immune systems.

If the homeless are not vaccinated, it could not just become a threat amongst themselves, it could become a huge public health threat; and it wouldn’t be a cheap one either.  Until the city can do something about it though, it is best to try and avoid highly concentrated areas of homeless people; all do respect to them.

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