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10 Annoying Things Not To Do At The Gym

Gym Fashion Don'ts

Gym Fashion Don'ts

1) The gym is not a fashion show
-Ladies, don’t put on pounds of makeup, or tons of jewlery – you’re there to workout, not look like you’re ready to go out to the bars.  Besides when you sweat, if you manage to break a sweat, your makeup’s going to run. 
-You don’t need to wear your hooped earings, or dozens of jingling bracelets; you don’t need you’re hair in anything other than a pony-tail, refrain from styling your hair before hand, it doesn’t need to look perfect.
-Now if you’re coming straight from work or somewhere else, okay that’s understandable; but don’t glam-up just for the gym!

2) Don’t wear impractical clothing
-Jeans are usually not allowed at most gyms anyways, and they can’t be very comfortable to work out in to begin with.
-Ladies, you’re at the gym, please refrain from showing up with your sweat pants or shorts that have words written across your butt; see  10 Fashion Don’ts .  You also don’t need to wear the skimpiest clothes ever; some of you guys out might be say oh, please do, but a gym is a place of workout, not a hookup spot like a bar.
-Guys, don’t wear too loose of clothing that your junk is hanging out and exposed. 
-And what’s with ladies that wear thongs to the gym?

3) Loud noises
-Don’t talk on your phone while working out, or if you have to, don’t be so loud and giggly. No one cares about your conversation. 
-If others can hear the music from your headphones, it’s too loud. And please don’t start singing out loud either.
-Grunting really loud – usually guys. Does this really help, or are you trying to draw attention to yourself so people can see how much you are lifting?  It is supposed to give you 75% more effort or energy in what you’re doing, but ifyou’re doing it just to show off please don’t; or at least don’t over-do it.

Gym Don'ts

Leave the cell phones & pick up lines at home

4) Don’t go to a gym with the intention of picking up on someone. 
-Don’t stare at them while they are working out, it is annoying, they came to workout, not have to worry about someone stare at them while they do it.
-Men, they’re boobs, they’re going to move around no matter how many sports bras are or shirts are put on; DON’T STARE.
-Women, don’t ask a guy to spot you when you really don’t need them to; it’s pathethic.

5) Don’t use a machine and half ass it when someone else really wants to use it

6) Give people their space.  If there’s 9 of 10 ellipticals open, don’t take the one right next to someone, space yourself out, so they don’t get all self-conscious.

7) Don’t be a hog
-Don’t hog machines: if you only go to the gym to run the treadmill because “you’re a girl” and heaven forbid you could ever lift a weight, then save your money and go run around your block.  If there’s not many machines at the gym you’re at, be curtious and let someone else hop on for awhile.
-Don’t hog weights, and make sure to put them away when you are done.

8 ) Don’t stand in front of the mirror forever; you can only stare at yourself for so long.  You’re not going to see your muscles grow in front of you.

9) Bring a towel and wipe machines when you’re done with them (come on, ever see that episode of Seinfield?”

10) Make sure you wear deoderant.  You may be going to the gym and are going to sweat anyways, but you can still sweat without smelling so strongly of B.O.

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