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10 Essentials For A Girl’s Purse When She Goes Out

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Inside a girls purse

Inside a girl's purse

10) Gum
– Even if you have a little purse, and don’t want to carry a whole pack in your purse, throw a few pieces in.  Gum is always a good thing to have on you; you don’t want smelly breath after eating, and you want to taste fresh if you’re going to be kissing someone.  Plus people always ask for gum, and it could be a silly, but a way nonetheless, to start a conversation with a guy.  Also whether you’ve been drinking all night or not, and you spend the night somewhere other than your own place, if you don’t have a toothbrush on you, gum is always good to have for that morning breath, until you can brush your teeth.

9) Money
–  This should be a given, you always want to make sure you have some cash or a card on you.  Cash especially, because it’s an easier way to keep track of your money, as to avoid overdraft fees if you’re using your debit card. Plus you never know if there’s going to be a fee to get into a bar or club, and most of the time they only take cash.

8 ) ID
–  This should be another given.  If you’re going out, you’re going to need your ID.  Always double check and make sure you have it before you leave the house.  You don’t want to be the friend that when you all finally get down to the bars, forgot her ID, and now you have to go back and get it, or if you drove with them, someone else has to leave and go with you too.

7) Sunglasses
–  Why would I put sunglasses on here?  No, it’s not so you can play the whole “I wear my sunglasses at night…” bit, although sometimes it makes for fun photo opportunities…But the reason is, is so that when you wake up the next day at someone else’s place, and your eye makeup is everywhere, you can only do so much damage control, just throw on those shades and you’re good to go…well, better than before.

6) Lipgloss/Lipstick
– It’s always good to have lipstick, lip gloss, chapstick, something in your purse.  You know every time you get a drink that whatever is on your lips, is going to be rubbing off; therefore, it is going to keep requiring application.

5) Compact, etc.
–  Sometimes when you’re dancing, or just are having a long or crazy night, your makeup tends to rub or need touching up.  Bring your compact with you, whether it’s a powder, foundation, or blush compact, which ever you prefer, bring it.  I always like to bring my blush one, to make sure I’ve got some color in my face.  And, of course, it’s always good for maintaining damage control in the morning.  Most compacts also have mirrors on them, which is handy.
– If you’re one of those girls that always has to be wearing eye liner, make sure you throw that in your purse as well; that little stick won’t take up much room.

4) Camera
–  You never know when there’s going to be a photo opportunity, then again there always is one when you’re out with your friends.  And, if you’re out with a group of girls, girls always like to take a million photos.  Of course you all have to capture not only the fun times, but how good you look; you need to find that new Facebook default picture.  Besides, sometimes you need a way to recollect the happenings of that night.

3) Phone
–  Most people automatically have their phone on them anyways, but sometimes girls don’t like to bother with bringing their phone.  It may be nice to get away from the phone for a little while, as long as you’re with everyone you’re supposed to be with, but sometimes a phone is necessary.  If you somehow get separated from the group, which happens, you need your phone to find them.  Or, if you’re not having a good time, or you need your phone as a decoy, you can play with your phone, text someone how you’re having a lame time, or pretend like you are texting someone so as to maybe avoid conversation with someone you don’t really want to be talking with, or from that random stranger that comes up to you.  Then if there is that random stranger that you think is cute or are interested in, well now you can exchange numbers.  It’s the 21st century, hardly anyone writes their number down on a piece of paper anymore, they just enter it away in their phone.

2)  Spray
– You get hot and sweaty at those crowded bars or clubs, whether it’s because you’ve been dancing your ass off or the place is just too stuffy.  You don’t want to stink; girls like smelling good.  Even when girls go to take their yearbook photo in high school, they for some reason spray perfume or body spray before hand. It’s not like people can smell you in the picture, but we do it anyways.   Sometimes guys use it as a way to talk to you too.  You know a guy does not really care what the name of your perfume is, it goes completely over their head, but they’ll ask you anyways, tell you you smell good, and bam, they’ve managed to find a way to talk to you.

1) Teasing Comb
– Alright, so I know many girls don’t even think to use a teasing comb in the first place on a day-to-day basis, but ladies, the teasing comb is an under-praised object.  First, volume in hair is usually a good thing.  When you go out and you’re dancing, or you know your hair is going to fall from its beginning-of-the night style, the teasing comb can save you.  Even if you’re all sweaty.  When your hair looks like a hot mess, pull out that teasing comb, whether your hair is styled straight, curly, whatever, and go to it.  Make sure you get the top layers of your hair for sure.  The teasing comb can help add not only volume, but put some character back into your hair.  If you have room for a travel size can of hair spray, throw that in your purse too, it can help save your hair, or prevent it from getting to this place a little longer.  If all else fails, make sure you have a hair tie with you always ; might be your last hope.

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