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McDonald’s Fillet-o-Fish: What’s in it?

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
McDonald's fillet-o-fish

McDonald's fillet-o-fish

McDonald’s is known to not be the most healthy choice of place to eat, correct?  And there’s always rumors about where their meat comes from, or the quality of it.  Today’s focus is on the Fillet-o-Fish, or Fish Fillet, as people usually call it.  One Fish Fillet will be about 380 calories, with 640 mg of sodium.  As of right now we can say McDonald’s does use real fish in their fillet-o-fish.

Hoki fish

Hoki fish

But do you know where the fish they use for the fish fillets come from?  According to Wikipedia “The Filet-O-Fish contains a battered fish patty made mostly from Alaskan pollock and/or hoki.”  Recently, McDonald’s purchased a large order of a type of hoki blackfish that isfound off of New Zealand, in pitch black waters half a mile below the surface.  The fish is ugly, and wouldn’t look appetizing, and aside from that may be unsustainable; meaning it’s being over-fished and could become endangered.  So if this means a shortage of hoki, does that mean a shortage of the filet-o-fish, or will they find other, probably more gross, substitutes for their battered fish patties?  Either way, I’ll pass.

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