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10 Post-Breakup Remedies

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

1) Let It Out
    -Go ahead, vent, whine, rant and cry or yell to your friends, express your feelings.  Getting it all out right away is the first step to moving on. Wallow then move on.  Don’t let it build inside because then you’ll just fester over it longer. 

2) Friends & Getting Out
      -Go out with your friends, have a good time, dance, sing, laugh, whatever, just make sure you’re having a good time.  Trust me when you can laugh with your friends, he won’t even cross your mind.
      -Go ahead and go to the bars or clubs with your friends.  Don’t play the rebound card, but go ahead and flirt with new guys, let them buy you drinks, even jump on the dancefloor if you want to.  An ego boost never hurts.
      -Take a roadtrip.  There’s so much to explore, you won’t have time to think about “him”.  Getting away to a new town always helps from feeling suffocated too.

3) Change your hair:
      a)Get a hair cut.
      b)Change your hair color. Dye it. Highlight it. Whatever.
      -Neither of these  have to be a drastic change, or they can be.  Either way you have something you need to go home and play with now, and figure out how you’re going to style it.  They’re good time consumers, and time consumption means distractions from thinking about “him”.  Plus when your new hair style is all done and looking hot, you’ll be happy with the way you look, and in a better mood.  For women, if they think they look good, they feel good.  And this could be just the confidence booster you need to get out, have fun, maybe meet someone new, and realize you’re better than “him” anyways.

Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy

4) Retail Therapy
      -If you got the cash, go indulge yourself in some retail therapy.  Get a cute or hot new outfit that you know you’ll look good in.  Next step: flaunt it.  Take your new hair, your new outfit, and go show it off to the world.  New clothes, new shoes, and new accessories always makes a girl feel better. It’s just in our nature.  If you don’t have the extra cash, well if you can do cheap, there’s always those random asian clothing stores that have random cute things for cheap, or stores like Forever 21. Go ahead and spend a little, you deserve it.

5) Beauty
     a) Nails – Get your nails done whether it’s a mani- or a peti-, cleaned up, painted nails, or acrylics/white tips… the girlier you feel, the better you feel.  Again, feeling pretty doesn’t hurt in the process to getting over a guy.  Plus you can bring a friend along to do some trash talking and gossiping;  it is a good stress reliever as your sitting in those chairs wondering what the heck your nail lady is saying about you in her language. 

Change your hair & makeup

Change your hair & makeup

     b) Makeup – Whenever a girl gets new makeup she is always eager to not just play with it, but go out with it.  Get a new mascara that gives you fuller, longer lashes. Go ahead and get that $7 tube of mascara instead of your usual $3 tube.  You’ll feel more flirty.  Don’t be afraid to try a new color of eyeshadow. Are you used to wearing that more natural look? Get crazy and throw on that purple or black, whatever shade that is different from your usual style.  If you feel more comfortable with the natural look that’s fine too, it’s just as attractive.  Maybe just try a new earth tone color.  And of course every girl loves a good lipstick or lip gloss.  Be a little flirty or seductive.  Point is to feel sexy.
     c) Spa & Massages – Of course there is always just relaxing.  Go to a spa, get a nice facial or massage.  Let someone else take care of you.  Going to a spa and/or getting a massage is a great stress reliever.

6) Clean
     – Believe it or not, cleaning can be fun.  Turn some music on, and get out that Windex.  Clean your desk, car, bedroom, or any other room in the house, and you’ll find not only is cleaning therapeutic, it’s productive.  The external act of cleaning allows for an internal cleansing as well.  Plus then you have a clean office, home, and car; something that probably needed to be done anyways. 

7) Write It Out
      – So this should go along with venting to your friends, but sometimes a girl just needs to get out all her feelings to herself.  There’s always something you’d rather not whine about to your friends.  So write it in a journal – paper or online.  If you’re feeling artsy, use it as inspiration to write a new song, or a poem.  Turn your feelings into creative venues. 

 Then of course there are all the things listed and explained in Get That Guy Off Your Mind :
8 ) Work
      – Spending time at work, and working your butt off not only distracts you from thinking about the guy and the breakup, but it’s a good way to make more money, which doesn’t hurt if you need to do some of the suggestions listed above.

9) School
     – Catch up on your schoolwork, or get ahead.  Study, go to your classes, focus.  You’ll do better in school, and your mind will be on other things.
Work out

Work out

10) Fitness
      – Working out is not only a good stress reliever and another distraction from thinking about “him”, it’s healthy for you.  Getting in shape never hurts.  Get to the gym, work out at home, run on the beach  or around the block.  Play a sport, go hiking,  it doesn’t matter what you choose, any sort of physical activity is a good remedy.  Besides when working out has paid off, you’ll feel good about yourself and have more of a confidence boost.

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