The UM Patriots

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

So whatever happened to the UM Patriots?  It’s been a couple years since I have seen anything new from them, and upon searching the web, could not find the answer.  Perhaps they graduated and in doing so ceased their shananagins.  Oh wait WHO are the UM Patriots you ask?  The UM Patriots is a group of students from the University of Michigan that videotaped pranks they would do around the school.  Their videos, although sometimes quite simple – which kind of adds to the humor, are quite entertaining. 

My favorite, would have to be the Pac-Man prank, where one student dresses up as Pac-Man, and the other as one of the ghosts.  The ghost chases PacMan throughout the school, through the library, and the computer lab, screaming, as students and teachers just watch.  Perhaps my favorite part that I took from it, was saying “wakawakawakawaka” over and over again to my friends.


Then there is the “Orkin Man” videos where one of the students dresses up as an Orkin Man and pretends to be checking the classroom for termite while the professor is giving a lecture.  Out of no where a giant fly jumps out from behind a wall onto the Orkin Man and the two start going at it.   In the end, the Orkin Man sprays down his opponent, and in victory, a girl from the class jumps up and yells “Oh Orkin Man!”, and he swoops her up and carries her away.


And who can forget the Asian Superman one?  In the middle of class you hear a cell phone go off.  An asian male jumps up and answers the phone, then quickly chucking it at the ground, rips off his clothes, only to reveal a Superman costume underneath, as he flees out the door to go save the day.


And last but not least, one you will not find on their website (, is their Ninja video.  The group of UM Patriots come running through classrooms causing havoc, and tossing papers all over the place, only to run right out. 


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