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The Lake Arrowhead Village Deli & Pizza – Lake Arrowhead, CA

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The Deli

The Deli

Up on the mountain, as you’re cruising up Highway 18 towards Big Bear, if you turn off onto Highway 173, you’ll come across the town of Lake Arrowhead.  And, as you follow this road, it will take you straight into the Lake Arrowhead Village, where stores and restaurants over look the lake.  Amongst one of these restaurants is The Lake Arrowhead Village Deli & Pizza & Fun Center.  That’s a mouthful to say, so the locals just call it “The Deli”. 

Owned by Dave and Lisa Doyle, their friendly, hospitable, upbeat attitudes keep people coming back.  The place is very sports-themed.  The main room, where you order, has sports equipment, posters, jerseys (from professional athletes), etc., all over the walls.  There are also enough TVs to catch your games too.  To the left of the main room, is more seating, accommodating to larger parties.  It actually is a nice room for pizza parties after a game.  Fittingly so, there are pictures and plaques all over this room of different teams.  The majority of pictures are of sports teams of the local high school: Rim of the World High.  Next to this room is a nice little arcade, where you can even win prizes! (They are more so along the 12 and under age range  of prizes, so don’t get too excited).  On the far right side of the restaurant is the patio- the best place to sit and eat in the whole restaurant (when it’s not too windy that is).  Here, you have a great view of the lake and the rest of The Village.

Now let’s get to the reason why you came here in the first place – the food.  The Deli has a good selection of items on their menu.  First of course is the pizza; the pizza you get here is some of the best pizza I have had.  They have pretty much every topping you can think of, including sardines.  They have a couple special pizzas, one being a pizza with everything on it if you’re daring enough to order it, and the other being Dave’s Special, which includes an alfredo sauce instead of tomato, and chicken on top.  What I personally think makes the pizza even more incredible is the ranch dressing.  Their homemade ranch dressing is hands down the best ranch I have ever had. 

View from The Deli

View from The Deli

Then there is their sandwiches which are their second major items. You can of course just order a sandwich any way you want  with the items they have available to choose from, or you can order what they have put together on the menu.  These sandwiches are pretty big, and pretty good.  With a selection of meats, cheeses, and veggies, and with the quality and thickness of the sandwich, Subway does not compare.  There are a variety of sides they have for you to choose from to go along with your sandwich: potato salad, macaroni salad, a small side salad, chips, fruit, etc. 

A third major item of theirs, are their salads.  The individual salads here are big enough to feed two or three people.  Usually if one person is ordering a salad for themselves, this is their meal.  They have a selection of salads including a Greek salad, a Ceasar salad, an Antipasto salad, and a regular tossed green salad, to name a few.  Besides all of these options, they also have your traditional pizza place appetizers, including hot wings, fries, etc.  There is also a good selection of beer (draft and bottled), wine, sodas, and other beverages here too. 

So next time you’re heading up the mountain, whether it’s to hit the slopes in the winter, or hit the lake in the summer, make sure to stop by and check this place out.

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