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The Scrunchie: So-Over

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So some question whether or not the wearing of the scrunchie is acceptable or not in this day and age.  Well, it’s not.  Out of all the 80’s artists and trends making a comeback, the srunchie is definitely one fad that is not. 

The Scrunchie

The Scrunchie

The scrunchie is a fabric-covered elastic hair tie that is a big, bold, ugly, hair accessory that stands out in all the wrong ways.  Unless a nice hair clip or ribbon, the pony tail or any hair do that requires assisstance to be held up, should not be accompanied by anything other than a small band holding your hair up that you can barely tell is there.  The scrunchie is just too much fabric; the pouffy look just isn’t in anymore.  Especially if you’re an adult. You might be able to get away with a scrunchie looking cute on a little girl, but as an adult, please don’t.  You won’t look cute, you’ll look ridiculous and tacky.

Gaudy shapes & colors of the scrunchie

Gaudy shapes & colors of the scrunchie

In one episode of “Sex and the City”, Carrie gets into a fight with her boyfriend about how she loved the book he wrote but could not get over the fact that the woman in the book was wearing a scrunchie the entire time.  She basically insinuates that no woman in the city would be caught dead wearing a scrunchie and that anyone that does wear one must be out of touch with the times. 

So unless you’re heading to an 80’s themed party, pull that scrunchie out of your hair ladies, and deal with the crease in your hair.  It’ll look better, and less noticeable then that gaudy thing sitting on your head.

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