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Bar Louie – Anaheim, CA

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Bar Louie Tavern & Grill is probably one of the most accommodating restaurants I have been to.  It is located at the Anaheim Garden Walk (which is just outside of Disneyland) in Orange County next to Club Ultra Heat.  It may be ideal for pre-gaming before heading into the club. 

Bar Louie - Anaheim, Ca

Bar Louie - Anaheim, Ca

The restaurant is set up, that once you walk inside there is a bar right in front of you, in the middle of the room, set up in an oval shape, like that you would see at Yardhouse, just a little smaller.  There is seating all around the bar.  To the right are a bunch of comfortable, and some more private booths. To the left are tables more like that you would see in a bar area.  Walk outside to the patio, that is almost just as big as the inside of the restaurant, and you’ll notice two sections.  The first section on the right is a whole bunch tables for dining.  To the left of the patio you will notice some couches and low-lying tables.  This is more of an area to take your drinks, chat, have a smoke, relax, whatever.

The pricing of the food was not bad at all.  For the wide selection they had, the average price of an entree’ was $10-$15.    It’s typical food you would find at say Yardhouse, from Bangkok stir fry, to smokehouse ribs, to pizza.  The food was tasty too; the cheap pricing does not reflect quality or quantity of the food at all.  What’s really amazing though, is not only is this place open until 2 a.m., it serves the full menu until 2 a.m.! 

So what if you’re not 21?  No problem, you can still be there, hang out with your friends that are of drinking age, and don’t have to worry about being stuck with nothing to do on a Saturday night because they’re all there.  The only rule is that you cannot be sitting at the bar itself.  But go outside, chill on the patio couches, or sit at a table and dine until 2 in the morning! 

Inside Bar Louie

Inside Bar Louie

They have a good, wide selection of wines and beers, and plenty of cocktails/hard alcohol to choose from as well.  Careful on the shots though, some of them can get a little pricey.  The rest is averagely priced. 

My particular visit, was for the celebration of my birthday.  From the beginning it was a pleasant experience.  Not only did I like the setup of the restaurant, but the manager and staff was very accommodating.  Booking a reservation on a Saturday night was not a problem at all, as at most restaurants it would be.  Especially for a party of 40.  Right away they asked if we wanted to be sat outside or inside.  We went for the outside option as they offered us not only the cool and spacious couch section, but part of the outside table/dining section.  On top of that our section was blocked off by ropes, and we had our own personal servers.  Whenever someone outside of our party would try and sit in our section the manager would politely ask them to move.  We were very well taken care of, and I can’t say our glasses sat empty on a table for long. Food did not take long to come out either after it was ordered.  All surprising for a group our size. 

Overall it was a great experience, and I reccomend Bar Louie’s to anyone, especially those who are looking for a place to go at the end of the night, or anyone that has a large group to take into account for.

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