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Why do girls wear Uggs when it’s warm out?

So if you havn’t noticed, within the last year or so girls wearing Ugg boots with skirts or shorts, or just when it’s warm outside, has become some odd trend.  What they think is a hot new trend, is actually a fashion don’t. 

Uggs and shorts, at the beach. Do you really think this matches?

Uggs and shorts, at the beach. Do you really think this matches?

I mean, what is the point in wearing thick, wool-lined, boots when it is a million degrees outside.  Or let alone, when it’s not even cool enough to wear a jacket??  It became common to see girls wearing them all around beach cities.  Come on you live in flip-flop county!

If you’re going to wear Uggs, do so with pants or jeans like you are supposed to.  If you’re going to wear Uggs with a skirt, wear leggings, then you’re at least still within the “trying-to-stay-warm” theme.  As for with shorts…. that probably just shouldn’t be done at all.  The exception to wearing boots with shorts and skirts, are pretty much any other type other than the Uggs type.  Want to wear cowboy looking boots, go ahead.  Want to wear your Marc Jacobs look alikes, go ahead.  Ugg look alikes, please don’t.  Besides they make your feet and legs look oddly shaped.

What on Earth is she wearing?! Fashion don't

What on Earth is she wearing?! Fashion don't

So why do girls wear Uggs?  It’s rumored Pamela Anderson was caught wearing them out, and it just took off from there.  Uggs originated in Australia as slippers to keep your feet warm around the house.  Perhaps it was Pamela Anderson that set the trend, perhaps not.  Either way girls decided to start wearing these things.  Perhaps it is to make their own fashion statement in a country that is known for trying odd new trends.  Or it is just the fact that everyone else is doing it now, might as well try yourself right?  And the fact that they make them in baby blue and pink, to seem more appealing, only makes the things worse.

Ladies, I have found more guys that are turned off by the fact that you are wearing Uggs with your tight mini skirts, than appealing.

“There is nothing more off putting than seeing an attractive young women only to look down and see her in these things… they would make even the most hot blooded male run a mile.”

It just doesn’t make sense. So, alot of girls said they wear them because they’re comfortable and keep their feet warm.  Fine, for the winter that works, but in the summertime, are you crazy?  You don’t wear sandals in the snow, and you certainly wouldn’t wear them in the snow just as part of a fashion statement – your toes would literally freeze off.  You’re in a skirt because it is hot; your feet must be burning up in those things.  But if you want sweaty, smelly, feet, be my guest.  If looking down and seeing the Uggs don’t bother the guy, the stench of your feet might make up for it. 

One local San Diegan man calls them “sand boots”.  The reasoning behind this

Uggs and boardshorts? Guys please don't.

Uggs and boardshorts? Guys please don't.

was because here you are in sunny San Diego, beaches everywhere, sand everywhere, it never snows, why do you have snow boots on?  The name seems to be fitting.

So ladies get past the “trend”.  Take off those Uggs and go put on some sandals.  Especially you SoCal girls, come on now, we wear sandals in the winter.
P.s. Some guys wear Uggs with shorts too. Please don’t.
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