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What’s your carbon footprint?

Do you ever wonder what impact your daily life and habits have on the carbonfootprintenvironment?  On this planet?  On the following site, you can figure out not only your own carbon footprint, but your whole household’s as well, and how to improve it.

What is a carbon footprint?
It relates to the amount of greenhouse gases that we burn daily in our everyday living, and measures the impact this has on the environment, and how it affects climate change.

Go to the website. Click on the calculator button, put in all your info., I would do it for your whole household, which includes all vehicles at your home, then you can go back and remove everyone else’s and just do your car.  You’ll get what I’m talking about once you go to the webpage.  It basically tells you how much carbon dioxide you personally emit a year, in tonnes (tons). It’s really quite interesting.  I believe the national average is in the low 20’s, but it will compare your output to the nation’s average in the end. It also tells you what you can do to reduce your levels.  If you find that your carbon footprint is higher than the national average, you’ll have a bigger knack to try and figure out how to get it below the average.  So go check it out, and start figuring out how you can reduce your Carbon Footprint!


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