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Sharkeez – Huntington Beach, CA

Sharkeez - Huntington Beach

Sharkeez - Huntington Beach

Sharkeez is one of my top 2 favorite bars in Huntington Beach.  Located on Main Street, this bar is usually poppin’.  You won’t find yourself waiting in line usually, if you get there before 9 or 10 p.m.  After 11 though, it can get pretty packed.  Packed as in shoulder to shoulder.  The small size of the bar is only one of their downfalls. 

If you get there early enough to get food, do it; they have pretty good stuff.  the buffalo wings have an awesome sauce that they’re cooked with, and the chicken quesadillas are pretty bomb too.  Usually throughout the night fresh chips and salsa are set up at a little “chips n’ salsa” bar for you to grab.  Or, ask one of the security guys that are always walking around, and they’re usually nice enough to grab you some.

Happy hour specials are pretty legit.  Monday nights are often my favorite nights to go, especially during football season.  They will have two-for-ones on beers and well drinks until the end of a football game, and half off most

Jello Shots in Syringes

Jello Shots in Syringes

appetizers.  Happy hour or not they still have drinks that make you come there for the drinks (and atmostphere) alone.  For example, they have $3 jello shots.  these are no ordinary shots though, they come in syringes; big syringes.  it makes for fun playing with your alcohol.  someone always comes up to you when you’re shooting jello into your mouth and ask you “what do you got there?!”  Another cool drink special to Sharkeez is “The Shark Bowl”.  It’s a mixed drink served in a fish bowl, and it’s usually required that you have 4 to 5 people to be able to even purchase it, because of the amount of alochol they are giving you at once. 

Shark Bowl (in a bucket)

Shark Bowl (in a bucket)

They have a selection of beers too and the bartenders know how to mix/make drinks and shots very well.  There’s usually a balance between female and male bartenders working, so you don’t have to worry about being a guy and all the guy bartenders are serving all the chicks and ignoring you, or vice versa with female bartenders and chicks trying to get drinks.  Also there’s usually 3-4 bartenders working in a night, so it doesn’t take that long to get a drink. 

Often one of the Sharkeez employees will just DJ, a he’ll play a good mix, but on certain nights you’ll catch a guest DJ live on a stage they set up.  Dancing is never limited to the “dancefloor” as people usually just dance all over the bar.  There’s comfortable booths all along the walls and toward the back of you want to sit and relax or have some privacy.  Or, there are taller tables the height of the bar where you can sit on barstools or stand and rest your drinks on.  Often you will find flip cup tournaments going on as these tables are prefectly shaped and aligned for doign so. 

The decor is pretty cool, and “beachy” as you would expect a bar by the beach to be.  There are TV’s everywhere, and you’re bound to catch whatever sports game you want to watch that day.  You can usually catch several games at once, as well as videos on surfing or other types of boarding.

Sharkeez in Huntington Beach

Sharkeez in HB

Do come prepared with a second form of ID as well.  On top of your regular driver’s license or state ID card, they usually ask if you have another form of ID or just any bank card, credit card, etc.  It does not necessarily need to have your picture on it, just at least your name on it.  There is never a cover charge, just expect there to be a line after 11 p.m.; sometimes before 11 depending on the day and if there is an event or not.  P.S. They are usually very good about catching fake ID’s, and confiscating them if they think they are fake.

Overall it is a very fun bar, and I find the crowd to be pretty chill.

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