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RT’s Longboard Grill – Pacific Beach, CA

Longboards in Pacific Beach, San Diego, is one of the more fun bars I have been to recently.  The food, the happy hour prices, and the music, all make for a great time. 

RT's Longboard Grill

RT's Longboard Grill

First off, Longboard’s is a little further down from your  group of bars that are all clustered together on Garnet Ave closer to the beach.  The distance makes for a shorter line to get in, if a line at all, but not too far that the place is dead.  Certain times there is a cover charge of $5, as there was when I went on a Friday night, however your wrist is stamped and you can walk in and out as you please, whereas most bars do not allow re-entry.  This is conveinent when you want to step outside to take a smoke break or get some fresh air, because either the patio is packed, or it is closed as they do so close the patio after midnight. 

They serve full menu until 10 p.m., but until 12 they have a late night menu that you can order simpler items from.  My friends and I decided to go for the nachos.  The security guy had suggested it for a group our size, stating that it was a large plate.  Sure enough he was right.  The nachos were delicious, and despite the large size, we devoured the plate.  The staff was cool, not the usual hot-headed bouncers or security, and the waitress was friendly, not an “I’m-busy, I-don’t-want-to-serve-you, I-hate-my-job” type.  The bartenders knew how to mix drinks well, and the prices are average. 

Now one of the most important aspects of a bar being a good time: the music.  This particular night “80’s Fridays”, they had a live band; and this band was good.  They had a really good set, and had the dance floor poppin’.  From Bon Jovi, Def Leopard, to even Kings of Leon, they had it all, including the Top 10 Songs That Make the Bar Go Crazy!!

Longboard’s weekly set up is as follows:
Monday: House Party Monday’s
Tuesday: Taco Tuesday’s / Open Mic
Wednesday: Don’t Worry Be Happy Wednesday’s – happy hour from Open to Close. DJ Famous Dave.  Beer pong, & other games.
Thursday: Taco Bar Thursday’s, including live rock tunes music
Friday: 80’s Friday
Saturday: Their new breakfast, and at night-live rock bands.
Sunday: Sunday Funday – first featuring their new breakfast, then Reggae at night.  This week- the Devastators.

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