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10 Things You May Not Know About Kelp

tallforestkelp1) California Giant Kelp can grow over 100-150 feet in length (that’s as tall as a 10 story building!) and as fast as a foot or two a day.

2) Kelp is one of the only sea plants of commercial use to man.

3) It is harvested and processed, and found in over hundreds of products. One local San Diego company produces more than 300 products from kelp!

4) Kelp is used in products such as fertilizer, gunpowder, beauty products, toothpaste, ice cream, and alot more. Look for the words alginate, alginin, and algin on your products to see if kelp was used in the making of them.

5) Kelp contains algin which is used to thicken things, make them creamy, and give them texture. It also keeps liquids from separating. ie: You will find it in creamy Italian dressing.

6) It is even used to maintain the foamy head in beer

7) Contains algenic acid which has been birch02successfully used to rid man’s system of radioactive particles.

8 ) Besides your tall lenghthy kelp you are probably used to seeing wash up on the shore of the California coast, kelp takes other forms. You may also find a more cabbage looking type kelp, and then in California you will also find what is called “popcorn” or “bubble” kelp.

9) Kelp is home to a vast range of creatures. Some of these being sea stars, crabs, sea horses, sharks, eels, barracuda, giant sea bass, sea otters, etc.

10) In the 1980’s a severe storm destroyed many kelp beds. So, today harvestingkelpprotective laws keep kelp forests from being overharvested, limiting harvesters to take kelp only from the top 4 feet of the ocean. Harvesting kelp for commercial use is a multimillion dollar business.

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