The Basil Mystery

It was a normal slow night at the Grape Garden Restaurant.  After a couple hours business started to pick up enough that the servers had to replace the salad bin with a new full one.  Tarah and Blanca volunteered to do the task, and after more than a quick trip down and up the stairs, were back with the new bin that they had to pack themselves, for the cooks did not have any already filled up.

The upstairs servers went about their business, making salads for their tables.  Slowly huge basil leaves, not ever found in the usual house salad mix, started to fall into the salad bowls.  Dumbfounded, the servers would pull them out, wondering how in the hell they got there!

Walking out of the alley, and then back in, I noticed basil leaves sticking out of the storage closet.  There were only a few leaves at my first encounter.  More and more basil leaves started to appear in the salad mix, and laughing, I would walk away, and walking back into the alley, would notice more basil leaves sticking out of the storage closet!  The basil leaves were growing along the cracks of the closet door.  How was this possible?  First basil leaves in the salad mix, now coming from the closet?? Was that closet so muggy and damp, and god knows what else, that mysterious plants started to grow from it?  Was something coming from the attic above the storage closet?  Were they growing in the walk-in fridge too? 

Finally, came the end of the salad bin, and the end of the basil leaves.  Was it just this one salad bin that had been infected???

Riham and the "growing" basil leaves

Riham and the "growing" basil leaves

I first came to learn that the mysterious basil plant that had been growing from the storage closet was not in fact a basil plant growing from the storage closet.  Upon picking out each individual basil leaf from the salad mix, to his amusement, server Riham, was placing the basil leaves in the cracks of the door.  Mystery number one solved.

So how did the basil leaves get in the salad bin to begin with?
Everyone questioning this to each other, we had decided perhaps the prep cook accidentally grabbed a bag of basil along with regular salad mix bags, and packed them all in together.  As we were all pondering this, I noticed Tarah, grabbing a cone cup, trying not to laugh at our ponderings.  That is when it all pieced together for me….

Tarah and Blanca had volunteered to get the salad bin refill when we had run low upstairs, correct?  And it had taken them longer than the usual trip down and up the stairs to get the bin, and they had said they had to fill it themselves, did they not? 
Upon realizing this I quickly blurted out, “You put the basil in the salad mix didn’t you!”  Without admitting it, Tarah started to giggle.  And I pointed out the fact that she was laughing at our pondering.  I finally got her to admit it.  Next, was to ask her if she was retarded or did it on purpose.

My first guess was she accidentally grabbed a wrong bag when she was throwing them in one at a time into the bin.  But lone behold she had meant to toss in a bag that was not the salad mix. For shits n’ giggles.  She pointed out that she thought it was spinach, not basil though. 

So mystery two was now solved.  Servers enjoyed the amusement of having to search through every bowl of salad to pull out the huge basil leaves before handing them to their tables, and thus instead of disposing of them, sticking them in the cracks of the storage closet, leaving the alley to smell quite strongly of basil. 

So what became of the basil leaves at the end of the night?  Surely they could not be left in the crack of the door.  So dispose of the remnants of the night’s fun??? On the contrary.  Riham, who seemed to be the most fascinated with the basil leaves, came up quick with a plot… Gathering all the leaves in his hands, and running down the stairs, through the downstairs kitchen alley, and to the office, he collectively knocked on the door.  Upon the opening of the door, Riham threw the basil leaves at manager Linden Stevenson’s face, making sure every leaf got on him, and then made his quick get away, fleeing back up the stairs and into the alley.  Linden Stevenson’s did not follow.  But was said to have been laughing at the incident, rather than being upset by it. 

Just another night at the Grape Garden Restaurant.

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