Play beer pong? Play basketball? Well we have a new sport that is just for you.


One slow day at the Grape Garden Restaurant in…..well we will keep that location private, for sake of the evil district manager finding this and firing us all….a few hooligans started to throw ice in a glass.  It’s harder than it sounds….

How to play the game:

Version of Ice-Pong #1:

Ice-Pong Version 1

Ice-Pong Version 1

1) You set a glass atop a counter, or in this case, the soup bowl heater.
2)  Scoop up a plastic kids cup full of ice (as to not have to keep reaching in the ice bin and contaminating the ice. Health rule number 1: ice is food. Duh.)
3) Find your worthy competetors
4) Stand a good distance away from the glass
5) Start shooting.

You will find that it is harder to get the ice cubes in the glass than you think.  You have to have the rigth aerodynamics.  The right aim. The right angle.  The right toss.  The right amount of force.  And each ice cube is different, so each time your shot is changing. 

Who wins?  You can do whoever makes the most ice cubes in a certain amount of time wins.  But be weary it takes awhile for a good amount of ice cubes to make it into the glass between everyone.  You can keep playing until the glass is full too.  And if you want to be brutal, loser has to drink the glass at the end, because if you manage to fill up the glass, which takes awhile, the ice will have at least somewhat melted by then. 


Version of Ice-Pong #2:

Ice Pong Version 2 setup example

Ice Pong Version 2 setup example

1) Set up two jack stands, beer pong regulation distance away from each other.
2) Place big trays on top of the jack stands.
3) Set up glasses, however many you want to play with, on top of the trays, like you are setting up a beer pong table- pyramid style.
4) Fill the glasses a quarter or so full with your choice of beverage.  At Grape Garden, obviously there is no drinking on the job, so we used coke.
5) Get your plastic [kid’s] cup of ice, and set it to the side or hold it in your hand.
6) Start shooting as if this was beer pong.

If the shooter makes it in the glass, you have to drink that glass.  Obviously first person to make all the glasses, wins.

You can set up your own version of this game at home if you do not work at an Grape Garden, or a restaurant, or actually, any other Grape Garden other than the one where this originated from; because I doubt any other Grape Garden’s managers would be as linient.

But Ice-Pong….. it will catch on.  Practice your ice-pong skills today.  It gets more epic than you would imagine. (ie: shot from the stairs half way down the alley. sa-woosh!)

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