Money Men?

Alright so we all have dated guys that either spend money on you or don’t right?  And then there’s the ones that try and impress you with their money.

First of all, guys, you don’t have to have money to impress us or make us fall in love with you.

So let’s start with the guys who don’t spend money on you. 
             There’s three types:
                  1) He doesn’t have money but he tries to take care of you anyways.
                  2) He has money but won’t spend it on you.
                  3) He is a loser and somehow you are supporting the both of you.

So guy who doesn’t spend money on you #1:
               He may be a sweet guy that just cannot afford to take care of you, but will still try to pay for a drink or a meal here and there.  This guy is still an okay guy ladies.  Money isn’t everything, if he is trying, give him the benefit.  We like these types of guys.  Some guys are old fashioned still and like to pay for girls, but just cannot afford it. Present realization: the economy sucks, give him a break.  You’re not a princess that needs to be spoiled, don’t look at him as a loser just because he’s not feeding to your every need.

Guy that won’t spend money on you #2:
                 Either he is a cheap bastard, a penny pincher, or just doesn’t really care to spend his money on you.  Perhaps he feels he has worked hard for his money and he doesn’t need to spend it on you, it’s his money. Okay understandable.  But how about every once and awhile?  Yes we ladies are adults too, we should be able to support ourselves but hey guess what sometimes it’s nice to have a guy that will occasionally (or always) pay for you.  Because let’s face it, sometimes us girls even though we don’t have any money, we still spend it whether we have it or not, on hanging out with those guys.  Because we just want to hang out with them, we’ll put ourselves in debt for them.  Don’t do this ladies.  Don’t make all the effort to hang out with a guy, if he really wants to hang out with you, he’ll contribute to it. 

Guy that won’t spend money on you #3:
                   Okay, so this guy is just a loser, has nothing going for him, doesn’t really care to earn or save money, but ladies, sometimes we like to date losers or dicks, because we think we can change them, or because “we care about them”, or “he cares about me”.  And so we will find ourselves paying for ourselves, and them, whether or not we can really afford it.  Somehow we turn into the man of the relationship.  Yes, this is the 21st century.  But run from these fools ladies.  It’s one thing for them to try and can’t, but it’s another when they really don’t give a shit.  If they have an attitude where they don’t see their loser-esque as a problem, do you really want to be with them??

 Men that try to impress you with their money:
                   1) The type you just meet that thinks throwing money left and right at you is going to not only impress you, but that it is going to get you.
                   2) The type that had you, lost you, and likes to tell you how he has all this money now. 

Man trying to impress you with money #1:
                  You meet a guy and it seems to be going okay at first, whether it is a first meet and chat at the bar, or after a couple dates.  He throws his money around like it’s no deal at all, and hey that’s great at first right? Well when he starts talking about nothing but money, then you might have a problem.  If he will barely let you get a word out, and all he is talking about is his great job, his great car, blah blah blah, I mean yea we like successful guys, but not ones who’s attitude reflects nothing but how conceited they are.  Hey some girls may be that shallow, but if either party is looking for something more towards the relationship side of things, you don’t want to be with someone so shallow.

 Man trying to impress you with money #2:
                    Alright so the two of you went out, he used to pay for stuff then started to get stingy with his money.  Then the two of you break up for other reasons.  He becomes a “day late, dollar short” type of guy (see “Day Late, Dollar Short” post for reference).  He starts hitting you up again, and sensing you are not really feeling it, decides to tell you how he has this new job, how he has a house now, and alllll this money.  Hmmm, that’s nice, good for you, but it does not change the fact you were a complete dickhole when we were going out.  He offers to take you to all these places, just “give me another chance.”  I’m sorry I do not care about your old or new money or how much of it you are going to throw at me.  It does not change the fact that you are an ass, and that that is not going to change. Sorry bud.  You can have all the money in the world, honestly I do not care.  I might let you take me out once and spend your fancy money on me, but it is just silent retribution for how you treated me before.  And ladies if you do decide to let him, he kept offering to take you out, you just agreed, you do not have to lead him on into thinking anything is going to go anywhere.  In fact you may mention that to him, and he might still persist.  Hey he was warned.  Do not fall for these type of guys ladies, no matter how much they tell you they are going to take care of you now, IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT THAT THEY ARE STILL DICKS.  Especially when their before attitude is still quite apparent. 

So what to take from all this ladies?
              Do not date a guy when the only positive quality about him is his money, or if he is arrogant about his money, or he never even tried to really spend a cent on you. 
               Stick to the gentleman that does or does not have money and are legitimately trying to, well, be a gentleman when it comes to money.  We are not all shallow, guys, but we know when a guy is putting some positive effort into things or not.  Guys: Don’t be a cheapass when it really is not necessary, and don’t be an arrogant richass.
              Ladies it is okay to occassionally pay for your own stuff.  Never expect a guy to pay for you, okay?  And always offer to pay your half at least, whether you know or not if the guy is going to pay anyways.  And guys, sometimes a lady might offer to pay for herself, and genuinely is not one to expect a guy to pay, or feels bad when the guy does. And even if she cannot afford to, well she’s never going to tell you that.  Because that type of girl is just happy to have gotten the chance to go out with you; she was not looking for a paid date.  (The type you might want to keep).

Just use common sense ladies, money is not everything.  And please do not be the type us here do not want to be.  If you are, then, well thank you, because you narrow the fishing pool of genuine ladies that certain guys are looking for.

(P.s. I am not trying to say we want guys to pay for our stuff.  Just tips of what to watch out for or to look for in guys that like to bring money into the equation).

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