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“Day Late, Dollar Short”

So we all have heard the term “You’re a day late, dollar short.”
But I don’t think some people grasp this.

I’m seeing this guy and things are going great. Right? We’re hanging out all the time, we laugh, we conversate… He tells me he really likes me, and there has always been something about me that he liked, but the timing for either of us was just never right. So timing finally catches up with us. He always is asking me to come over, hang out, go out, whatever. He introduces me to his friends, we hang out, we all get along. I’m one of the guys by a point, but still “his girl”. Then he starts flaking on plans. Then he forgets to call or text. Next thing you know he isn’t calling or texting, and we’re not hanging out as often before.
Automatic thought: He’s feeling crowded, he’s a guy, he needs his space. Totally understandable.
Week goes by, I deal with his bullshit a little. Another week goes by, it gets worse. Then there is this total shutdown of communication. I give up, whatever, moving on.
He finally texts me, and well this is pretty much the conversation:
He was in a long term relationship and he tells me it was the really bad type of relationship. And, well, he really liked how things were going with us, but he freaked out because he is all confused….Um okay meaning?….Well his head started filling with “what if” thoughts. “I really liked how things were going, but what if what if it turns into how the last relationship was?”
So I tell him I completely understand, which I do, but did he have to blow me off the way he did? Basically it came down to me telling him all he had to do was communicate that with me, I’m an understanding person, and easy to talk to. We come to the conclusion we can still hang out, whatever that means (again hating that term), but there’s not going to be any relationship coming.
So we still continue to not hang out. Meantime I hear from this guy I had not talked to in awhile, and we start “hanging out”. It gets to the point where I really like this guy, and am content on him. I know it’s not exclusive, but I’m just not interested in anyone else.
Weeks go by, and next thing you know guy number one starts talking to me again. He wants to hang out, he misses hanging out, blah blah blah. So he asks me to come hang out, and I tell him you’re going to want more than just watching a movie. And he tells me no, we can just watch a movie and talk. So I go over there on the totally opposite end of the other couch. We watch a movie, but then he wants me to get closer, he tries putting his arm around me but I move away. Long story short he wanted to do more than hang out, and I would not let him. So he falls asleep. Sorry dude, I might not be exclusive with guy number two, but I don’t want to do anything with anyone else. We end up talking and I tell him I have to go. I’m not going to be “that girl”. Sorry buddy you had your chance and you lost it. You had a second chance, and you messed that one up too.
So now this guy is constantly hitting me up, telling me his misses me, and I’m so much fun to hang out with, and he wants to take me out now. And then he asks “Did I ruin things between us so bad that we can’t even hang out now?” Well honestly buddy yea you did. And even if you hadn’t, guess what?… You’re a day late dollar short!

Do men just like having what they can’t have? When there is a chase they persue it, but once they have it, they grow bored or something?

Another thing: guy radar, or “guydar”….
What is with you guys? You decide to, well, pretty much end things, and we get over you. Then the moment we are happy with someone else, you have like this instinct or radar to start hitting us up again! It’s frustrating! You should have figured your shit out when you had the chance. And even though we’re not going to go out with you now, we still have to deal with you.

Maybe it takes time realizing you don’t have us anymore to realize that you should not have let us go. But you did, and now you have to deal with it. And I understand maybe you don’t know at the time what you want. Just be careful because sometimes you lose something that could have been great. And same goes for girls.

But when you realize you’re a day late, dollar short, REALIZE it.

I dated a guy, and we get in a little tidbit, a week goes by, I don’t hear from him so I ask, so are we done? Another week goes by, still nothing. At this point I’m assuming that is a yes, so I tell him, okay well I’m going to take your silence as we broke up. So I move on. And what do you know?! He comes crawling back, multiple times. But sorry, I moved on. Even gave him a couple more chances, but the long period apart, I lost interested. (I’m talking about more than two weeks, I’m not that pathetic).

Lack of communication may not mean anything coming from your side, but from our perspective, if we have not heard from you in awhile, we are going to think you are done with us and moving to the next girl. So we move on too. Well a smart girl does. Don’t linger on a guy too long girls, get the hint if he’s not calling you back.  If a guy likes you, he’ll want to see you.  It shouldn’t be that big of an effort.



Song suggestion: Paramore- Here We Go Again

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